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Yahoo! UK Festival Fundraiser – Bring Hope to MPS Children

Posted: 30th of January, 2013

By Ed Johnson


Yahoo! UK finished 2012 with a day that saw the biggest single fundraising day in UK history! Every year, the UK Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF) team holds a fundraising event to support a charity voted upon by the people of Yahoo! UK. This year, we chose one that was pretty close to our hearts. One of our clients has a son by the name of Bobby who is suffering from Sanfilippo syndrome. Our client knew about our fundraiser from his sales executive and wrote the following:


Life-Saving Treatment For Bobby & MPS Children 

"Our son Bobby is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Sanfilippo in December 2008…Sanfilippo is a heart-breaking condition that gradually breaks down children's physical and mental abilities, which means Bobby's development will slowly deteriorate until his body is unable to support itself and he will die in childhood. As you can imagine, it's an absolutely heart-breaking prospect for a parent.
However, there is hope. There is a treatment known to dramatically improve the lives of Sanfilippo sufferers but it hasn't been clinically tested. We need to raise £600,000 to fund a clinical trial, so that Bobby and hundreds of children like him can receive this treatment that could save their lives.
There are 130 families in the UK who have children with Sanfilippo disease. We are getting together with the help of the MPS Society to create Gift Pages for our children to try to help raise the funds any way we can."

With this email, came a flurry of ideas to create a day that would help out Bobby any way we could!  So after a lot of planning and internal marketing we were off!

We held our annual charity silent auction where folks bring in all kinds of items that go up for the auction and some of those included holiday packages, vouchers for local stores and restaurants as well as some big ticket items donated by our clients.  The most unique donation was donated from Josh Stead where he offered to be a “tea boy” for a month.  He just finished his service where he had to fetch and serve tea to James Wildman for a month and it was a giggle for everyone in the office.

We extended our auction to include the first ever Yahoo bake off and we had our own celebrity chef, Martha Swift, founder of Primrose Bakery give her expert judging skills for the heated competition!  Adele Young took the coveted prize for her red velvet masterpiece and folks are still asking her for a repeat performance!

We usually raise around £2500 for our charity but this year folks dug deep and we raised an unprecedented £4000!  Everyone dug deep and it really paid off. Tom, Bobby’s dad was over the moon.

The “Planned giving” page is still accepting donations through the year so if you would like to help, anything would be greatly appreciated.

A big shout out to the UK YEF team again as their tireless efforts helped to raise a lot of money for a very worthy cause.  As the head of UK YEF, I couldn’t be more proud.