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Yahoo! employees help make music students’ dream come true

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

The Yahoo! Employee Foundation (YEF) is a grassroots, philanthropic organization that brings together the talents, time, and financial resources of Yahoo employees to serve the needs of communities around the globe.  Yahoos can not only volunteer their time, but they can work with YEF to champion grants for causes they are passionate about.  

Jill Sewill, a Sunnyvale-based Yahoo, wanted to help 200 music students achieve their dream of seeing a live symphony, so YEF - thanks to donations from Yahoos all over the world - made it happen!  

Check out this wonderful Thank You Video from the Washington Manor Middle School Music Boosters, who received a YEF grant to take a field trip to see the San Francisco Symphony.The kids had a great time, and it’s amazing to see the impact that grants can have when they are targeted through engaged Yahoo Employee Champions!

Yahoo! UK Festival Fundraiser – Bring Hope to MPS Children

Posted: 30th of January, 2013

By Ed Johnson


Yahoo! UK finished 2012 with a day that saw the biggest single fundraising day in UK history! Every year, the UK Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF) team holds a fundraising event to support a charity voted upon by the people of Yahoo! UK. This year, we chose one that was pretty close to our hearts. One of our clients has a son by the name of Bobby who is suffering from Sanfilippo syndrome. Our client knew about our fundraiser from his sales executive and wrote the following:


Life-Saving Treatment For Bobby & MPS Children 

"Our son Bobby is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Sanfilippo in December 2008…Sanfilippo is a heart-breaking condition that gradually breaks down children's physical and mental abilities, which means Bobby's development will slowly deteriorate until his body is unable to support itself and he will die in childhood. As you can imagine, it's an absolutely heart-breaking prospect for a parent.
However, there is hope. There is a treatment known to dramatically improve the lives of Sanfilippo sufferers but it hasn't been clinically tested. We need to raise £600,000 to fund a clinical trial, so that Bobby and hundreds of children like him can receive this treatment that could save their lives.
There are 130 families in the UK who have children with Sanfilippo disease. We are getting together with the help of the MPS Society to create Gift Pages for our children to try to help raise the funds any way we can."

With this email, came a flurry of ideas to create a day that would help out Bobby any way we could!  So after a lot of planning and internal marketing we were off!

We held our annual charity silent auction where folks bring in all kinds of items that go up for the auction and some of those included holiday packages, vouchers for local stores and restaurants as well as some big ticket items donated by our clients.  The most unique donation was donated from Josh Stead where he offered to be a “tea boy” for a month.  He just finished his service where he had to fetch and serve tea to James Wildman for a month and it was a giggle for everyone in the office.

We extended our auction to include the first ever Yahoo bake off and we had our own celebrity chef, Martha Swift, founder of Primrose Bakery give her expert judging skills for the heated competition!  Adele Young took the coveted prize for her red velvet masterpiece and folks are still asking her for a repeat performance!

We usually raise around £2500 for our charity but this year folks dug deep and we raised an unprecedented £4000!  Everyone dug deep and it really paid off. Tom, Bobby’s dad was over the moon.

The “Planned giving” page is still accepting donations through the year so if you would like to help, anything would be greatly appreciated.

A big shout out to the UK YEF team again as their tireless efforts helped to raise a lot of money for a very worthy cause.  As the head of UK YEF, I couldn’t be more proud.

Yahoo! Egypt Team

In My Own Words: YEF Egypt is Crossing Boundaries to Do Good

Posted: 7th of June, 2013
Just over a year has passed since Yahoo established its full-fledged office in Cairo, Egypt. That’s not much time, but given the eventful recent months in the country, Egypt’s Yahoos have grown closer to each other, the company, and what it stands for, and one of the things that has truly contributed to this bond is the Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF), which helps employees make a bigger difference for the causes they care about.
My name is Mohamed Sabe and I am the Arabic Editor in Chief for Yahoo Middle East. I was chosen to be the representative for YEF in Egypt in January 2011, only two months after joining the company.Despite starting the year with less than forty employees in the Cairo office, new Yahoos were determined to do good as soon as they found out that Yahoo encourages its people to make positive contributions to their community.
However, YEF initiatives had to be halted due to the Egyptian revolution, and the office had to be shut down for several weeks for security reasons. In spite of this setback, as soon as things were back to normal, we were again focused on planning for our first initiative and working with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to decide on what would be the best way to contribute to development in Egypt. Little did we know that our first initiative would cross boundaries and reach beyond Egypt.
In mid-July 2011, a severe drought hit the entire ‘Horn of Africa’ region on the Eastern side of the continent, resulting to this day in over 29,000 deaths among children under 5 in Somalia.
Given the magnitude of this tragedy, local initiatives took a back seat and YEF Egypt members decided that contributing to the well being of Somali families was crucial, and in mid August we approached the Union of Arab Doctors who were collecting money to buy food supplies and send them to Somalia.
Four hundred Egyptian Pounds (67 US dollars) was all that was needed to support a Somali family for a month, so we started a collection campaign that lasted for two weeks.
Around thirty Yahoo employees (out of sixty in the Cairo office) contributed their money to this cause and we ended up collecting 6,550 Egyptian Pounds (around 1,100 US dollars). While the amount may not seem like much, it meant that we ended up helping over 16 Somali families overcome this crisis for a month.
I remember walking through our small office in Cairo collecting donations and seeing the spirit that Yahoo!’s employees in Cairo displayed in competing with each other to give more money and encouraging each other to contribute. It was really breathtaking!
I personally believe that the beautiful and collective spirit of this small startup office had a strong impact on us. This great start for YEF initiatives in Egypt only increased the appetite of Yahoo’s employees to contribute more and encouraged new Yahoos to take part in upcoming projects.
YEF Egypt will next be teaming up with local NGOs who work on supporting orphans and developing education.
From where I stand, I can proudly say that the culture of doing good and contributing positively to the community is alive and growing in Cairo’s Yahoo office.
To learn more about YEF or find out how you can make a difference, check out
Best Regards,Mohamed SabeArabic Editor-in-Chief Yahoo Middle East

YMCA Women’s Career Day – Special Guest Writer Lexy Folkes

Posted: 14th of September, 2011
Originally posted on the WIT blog. By Kelli Lane.

An elite group of young ladies from the YMCA came to visit Y! WIT here in Burbank. Many of the girls were Seniors in High School who are working out their futures with careful planning. The Y! WIT team, led by Yolanda Person-Collins, spent time with the ladies in a true mentor fashion; conveying the reality of the hardships of life alongside the excitement for their future. Many women from Yahoo spoke, some with hard-knock lives and others successful with no degree to speak of, showing the girls that each person has their own path. The WIT team reinforced the unique path idea by assisting them with personality tests. The Meyer’s Briggs test showed them in which areas they may be best suited for a career. All in all, the girls responded well to the ideas. Three Seniors in High School cited Christine Del Muro as an inspiration to follow their dreams. Many girls that age admit to feeling lost. We hope the little time we had with them could promote confidence to reach out to older women and seek wisdom and advice.

The Girls

Rather than read from us how it went from our end, we asked Lexy Folkes, an aspiring writer from the program to tell us about her experience.

"It was the day after I graduated high school and my YMCA Adviser asked me to go to Yahoo Women’s Career Day. Get up at 7 and drive a car full of girls? No thanks. I was finally bribed and persuaded but it was well past worth it when I stepped through the doors of the Yahoo building and was dazzled by all the high tech lights. Five minutes later and I’m being greeted by a room full of inspirational women. I catch wind that there is free coffee and I almost cried. I return to the room, free latte in hand, and hear testimonials from women who play key roles in the functioning of the Yahoo business. The tour had a full showing of the Yahoo campus, which is surely modeled like a giant child’s playground. The entire show was met with another deliciously free meal and more words from the Yahoo representatives. Questions ensued with valuable pieces of advice dealt left and right. It wasn’t until the whole shebang was through that I came to fully appreciate the entire experience. I gravitated towards the woman who was the representative for the field I wish to pursue: writing, journalism and the arts. Her advice was invaluable and I took her challenges seriously. I’ve been presented with an opportunity to use my skills and exhibit my talents for Yahoo and it is through the willing, collaborative parts of the Yahoo women that presented this chance. The bribing and free coffee was a plus but the knowledge and guidance was far more appreciable."

Girls and WIT

Lexy, it was our pleasure. We look forward to updates about your life in the future. And to all the girls in the program who attended, WIT hopes to hear more about you in the future. We were the ones who were "dazzled" by your brilliant futures!
biker sitting on yahoo sign

Biking to Work

Posted: 7th of September, 2011
On May 12th Yahoos rolled into work on two wheels to celebrate Bike to Work Day!  We cheered a parade of road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and even cargo bikes.  Bright colors were a popular fashion choice this morning (neon green, anyone?), with a solid showing of lycra jerseys and bike shorts in Yahoo purple.

Cyclists heading to our Sunnyvale and Santa Clara offices stopped by Yahoo!’s two Energizer Stations, where Yahoo Green Team volunteers greeted them, applauded their people-powered commutes, and rewarded them with a hearty breakfast spread.  Yahoos rode anywhere from 3 miles to 53 miles to get to work, and we’re proud of all of them!  Everyone was thrilled with the perfect weather, especially our brave first-time bike commuters.

Yahoo cyclists at our Sunnyvale headquarters enjoy showers with clean towels, saunas, toiletries, hair dryers, and irons to stay looking crisp after a ride into work.   Bikes are safely stored in bike lockers or open air racks, and we get monthly “house-calls” from a mobile Bike Doctor.  Yahoos also love to ride during lunch on local roads or on the nearby Bay Trail, and to keep up with the Yahoo Cycling Team’s latest achievements.

Bike to Work Day is a great way to highlight a fun, healthy, and low-impact commute.  And days like this remind us that we are lucky to be headquartered in an area where biking is always a pleasure, and riding with fellow Yahoos can makes the day even better.