A few reasons why it's so cool to work at Yahoo.

Employee Benefits

We believe in providing Yahoos with the best of everything. Whether it’s the great work environment, the fully equipped health club and the child care facilities available on campus; we have it all.

There’s also a constant supply of snacks through the day – so don’t be surprised if you need to make that visit to the gym, sooner than later! And that’s not all - for our Yahoos who come on board and join our locations in India, here’s what we have to offer in terms of benefits and perks.

- Company transport to and fro residence and office
- 24x7 cafeteria and monthly food coupons
- Day care center (crèche)
- Health club
- Superannuation benefits
- Hospitalization and Personal Accident Insurance
- Educational Reimbursement
- Restricted Stock Units and Employee stock options
- Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity, Adoption Leave and Paternity Leave
- Annual Health Check-ups
- Contribution to Employees Provident Fund

A few things to remember:

Health Insurance comes with a unique package apart from covering the employee, the spouse and two children; Yahoo has a policy to cover dependent parents as well.

We provide company transport free of cost an interval of one hour each across locations after the close of general office hours.

The Educational Reimbursement allows Yahoos to claim expenses incurred on either further education or seminars and conferences.

*Currently this benefit is available in Bangalore.