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Nidhi Gupta

Nidhi : My Work-life Balance at Yahoo!

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

Product Manager, Cloud Platforms Group  

I manage some exciting products at the Cloud Platforms Group (CPG), based at Bangalore.

My work revolves around the knowledge and personalistion space – I need to make sure that the products I manage create impact as a platform and power differentiated end-user experiences.

The cloud platform group is charted to create a global, scalable platform built on science that enables rapid innovation and delivery of personalized, monetizable experiences across devices. Some of the technologies that I work on are around detecting trends algorithmically and showing relevant trends based on user interest, geography, demography etc. I also work on personalization technologies that are helping in showing the right content to the right user at the right time. I find it exciting that so much of my work finally impacts user engagement and delight!

Yahoo! is one of the rare organizations that support women in different phases of their lives. I was hired and came on-board while I was expecting my baby. And I was very pleasantly surprised that my professional capabilities were weighed over my personal situation and I received complete support during the whole course of my pregnancy. I could actually continue to work without having to take a break in my career, and it feels just awesome to have been with an organization which truly believes in diversity and supports folks through different stages of their lives.

Today, my son who is a year and half plays around in the day care facility in the office, and all I need to do is catch a glimpse of him is pop down a couple of floors.

I have always believed that Life is about the choices one makes, and I am glad I chose Yahoo!.