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Working at Yahoo! Labs, Bangalore

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

Launched in March 2008, Yahoo Labs Bangalore is the youngest lab in the family of Yahoo Labs world-wide. Our mission is to bring world-class science and innovative technology to Yahoo!’s next generation of Internet products and services.

A large and growing percentage of the world population now has access to the Internet. The Internet and the Web are becoming an integral part of our lives – for getting news, communicating via email, researching products, buying books, planning vacations, etc. In addition, the Internet today allows individual users to create unprecedented amounts of content (blogs, photos, videos), and be part of online communities that enable social and professional interactions. These changes are creating new technical challenges for Web search and monetization.

In Yahoo Labs Bangalore, we are tackling the above challenges by focusing on the basic and applied sciences underlying the key areas of Search and Advertising. We are developing algorithms for Web page clustering, classification and ranking, automated information extraction from Web pages, and image and video search. We are also devising techniques for matching ads to search keywords and Web pages, estimating probability of ad clicks, and automated screening of ads based on quality.

Our solutions to the above problems draw from disparate disciplines like information retrieval, machine learning, statistics, pattern matching, data mining, algorithms, databases, micro-economics, computer vision, etc. And of course, everything we build operates at true Yahoo scale: 600 million users per month, 4 billion clicks per day, 25 terabytes of data collected every day, 20 billion Web documents, and 4 billion images!