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Southern California Hack Day 2011

Posted: 16th of September, 2011

Originally posted on the WIT blog.  By Karen Bruner.

Yahoo! has been hosting company-wide Hackdays two or three times a year now for several years, and while Yahoos in the Southern California offices were welcome to work on hacks, they didn't have the support of an organized local event. That changed for Summer Hackday 2011. The SoCal chapter of Yahoo!'s Women in Tech group, with funding from the Yahoo Developer Network, put together a great environment for local hackers to collaborate and concentrate on their hacks.

Prospective hackers listen to pitches over pizza

A week before Hackday, potential hackers came together to pitch ideas and find interested hackers. Hacking wasn't limited to engineers who fit the traditional definition of computer hacking. The Southern California offices have a large proportion of people in the advertising and business side, but they still have many of the necessary hacking skills: ideas, aesthetic input, and enthusiasm.

By the time Hackday rolled around, 19 hackers worked on several local projects that had come together. Hacks ran the gamut from ideas that could someday appear on the front pages of Yahoo!'s sites to internal tools that would make the behind-the-scenes run better. While most hackers were local to the Burbank office, Yahoos from the Santa Monica office also came to join the hacks. WIT volunteers kept them energized with drinks, munchies, and pizza.

SoCal Summer 2011 Hackers

For another first, the teams in Burbank got to present their hacks in the Friday afternoon demos via teleconferencing with Hackday HQ in Sunnyvale. Several dozen people, hackers and supporters alike, crowded in a boardroom over pizza and beer to watch the local demos. The enthusiasm and excitement from everybody was tremendous. Second-time Burbank hacker Srikanth Bangalore said this was a big improvement over his first Hackday, when he worked from his desk and had to record his demo so it could be replayed in the Sunnyvale demo session. Doing the demo live and having an energetic audience made for a very different experience.

A first: Burbank Hackday demos teleconfereced live with Sunnyvale 

Mariena Quintanilla's hack was related to her day-to-day work, a monitoring tool she had been needing for awhile but hadn't had time to work on. Hackday gave her the perfect chance. She found another would-be hacker to help out, and her tool will have an immediate impact.

With one successful Southern California Hackday under WIT's belt, the plan is to make this a regular event, allowing local Yahoos to tap their hacking talent more easily, which can only benefit Yahoo as a whole.

Nidhi Gupta

Nidhi : My Work-life Balance at Yahoo!

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

Product Manager, Cloud Platforms Group  

I manage some exciting products at the Cloud Platforms Group (CPG), based at Bangalore.

My work revolves around the knowledge and personalistion space – I need to make sure that the products I manage create impact as a platform and power differentiated end-user experiences.

The cloud platform group is charted to create a global, scalable platform built on science that enables rapid innovation and delivery of personalized, monetizable experiences across devices. Some of the technologies that I work on are around detecting trends algorithmically and showing relevant trends based on user interest, geography, demography etc. I also work on personalization technologies that are helping in showing the right content to the right user at the right time. I find it exciting that so much of my work finally impacts user engagement and delight!

Yahoo! is one of the rare organizations that support women in different phases of their lives. I was hired and came on-board while I was expecting my baby. And I was very pleasantly surprised that my professional capabilities were weighed over my personal situation and I received complete support during the whole course of my pregnancy. I could actually continue to work without having to take a break in my career, and it feels just awesome to have been with an organization which truly believes in diversity and supports folks through different stages of their lives.

Today, my son who is a year and half plays around in the day care facility in the office, and all I need to do is catch a glimpse of him is pop down a couple of floors.

I have always believed that Life is about the choices one makes, and I am glad I chose Yahoo!.

YMCA Women’s Career Day – Special Guest Writer Lexy Folkes

Posted: 14th of September, 2011
Originally posted on the WIT blog. By Kelli Lane.

An elite group of young ladies from the YMCA came to visit Y! WIT here in Burbank. Many of the girls were Seniors in High School who are working out their futures with careful planning. The Y! WIT team, led by Yolanda Person-Collins, spent time with the ladies in a true mentor fashion; conveying the reality of the hardships of life alongside the excitement for their future. Many women from Yahoo spoke, some with hard-knock lives and others successful with no degree to speak of, showing the girls that each person has their own path. The WIT team reinforced the unique path idea by assisting them with personality tests. The Meyer’s Briggs test showed them in which areas they may be best suited for a career. All in all, the girls responded well to the ideas. Three Seniors in High School cited Christine Del Muro as an inspiration to follow their dreams. Many girls that age admit to feeling lost. We hope the little time we had with them could promote confidence to reach out to older women and seek wisdom and advice.

The Girls

Rather than read from us how it went from our end, we asked Lexy Folkes, an aspiring writer from the program to tell us about her experience.

"It was the day after I graduated high school and my YMCA Adviser asked me to go to Yahoo Women’s Career Day. Get up at 7 and drive a car full of girls? No thanks. I was finally bribed and persuaded but it was well past worth it when I stepped through the doors of the Yahoo building and was dazzled by all the high tech lights. Five minutes later and I’m being greeted by a room full of inspirational women. I catch wind that there is free coffee and I almost cried. I return to the room, free latte in hand, and hear testimonials from women who play key roles in the functioning of the Yahoo business. The tour had a full showing of the Yahoo campus, which is surely modeled like a giant child’s playground. The entire show was met with another deliciously free meal and more words from the Yahoo representatives. Questions ensued with valuable pieces of advice dealt left and right. It wasn’t until the whole shebang was through that I came to fully appreciate the entire experience. I gravitated towards the woman who was the representative for the field I wish to pursue: writing, journalism and the arts. Her advice was invaluable and I took her challenges seriously. I’ve been presented with an opportunity to use my skills and exhibit my talents for Yahoo and it is through the willing, collaborative parts of the Yahoo women that presented this chance. The bribing and free coffee was a plus but the knowledge and guidance was far more appreciable."

Girls and WIT

Lexy, it was our pleasure. We look forward to updates about your life in the future. And to all the girls in the program who attended, WIT hopes to hear more about you in the future. We were the ones who were "dazzled" by your brilliant futures!

Accessibility in India!

Posted: 7th of June, 2013
There are 60 million people with disabilities in the U.S. There are more than 10 times that number around the globe. Yahoo!’s Accessibility team wants to make sure that every one of these individuals is able to use Yahoo as their web site of choice. That will only be possible, of course, if every corner of our network is fully accessible.

While we still have work to do toward that end, we did reach a significant milestone when Yahoo India launched an Accessibility Lab in Bangalore. It is modeled after our Sunnyvale lab, which has demonstrated a variety of assistive technologies to hundreds of Yahoos since it launched in 2008.

Our Accessibility Labs are important tools for engineers who can’t imagine life with a disability. The reality is that not everyone can use a mouse, type on a keyboard, or see the computer screen. We simulate that experience so our developers can learn how to think about users with disabilities during their product development process. We have screen readers to help them understand the experience of a blind user, single switches and onscreen keyboards for physically disabled users, communication devices for kids with speech impairments, etc. More and more Yahoo products are being designed and developed in our Bangalore office, so it became clear that we needed to enhance our ability to train engineers and designers there.

Also, as a global company, we are keenly aware that commercial screen readers are generally out of reach for most blind people living in developing countries. So we’ve sponsored the non-profit NV Access Foundation, which is working on a free, open-source screen reader. Our support will help them improve web features for NVDA for Windows, making it easier for visually-impaired users around the world to browse the Web – especially when they encounter Web 2.0 technologies. And by making NVDA’s screen reader a better product, we’re also helping all the web developers who use it as their testing tool.

Everybody wins.

Victor Tsaran
Sr. Accessibility Program Manager
External Source

Meet our Giant Talking Mailbox!

Posted: 7th of September, 2011
Sometimes being friendly pays off! Watch what happens when a purple, talking mailbox shows up on a street corner. The Yahoo Mailbox surprised New Yorkers on a sunny afternoon in Brooklyn and Manhattan and made a bunch of new friends along the way. Thanks to all my NY friends, it was great talking to you and can’t wait to meet the locals in Chicago. Follow me to find out where I’m off to this summer at
biker sitting on yahoo sign

Biking to Work

Posted: 7th of September, 2011
On May 12th Yahoos rolled into work on two wheels to celebrate Bike to Work Day!  We cheered a parade of road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and even cargo bikes.  Bright colors were a popular fashion choice this morning (neon green, anyone?), with a solid showing of lycra jerseys and bike shorts in Yahoo purple.

Cyclists heading to our Sunnyvale and Santa Clara offices stopped by Yahoo!’s two Energizer Stations, where Yahoo Green Team volunteers greeted them, applauded their people-powered commutes, and rewarded them with a hearty breakfast spread.  Yahoos rode anywhere from 3 miles to 53 miles to get to work, and we’re proud of all of them!  Everyone was thrilled with the perfect weather, especially our brave first-time bike commuters.

Yahoo cyclists at our Sunnyvale headquarters enjoy showers with clean towels, saunas, toiletries, hair dryers, and irons to stay looking crisp after a ride into work.   Bikes are safely stored in bike lockers or open air racks, and we get monthly “house-calls” from a mobile Bike Doctor.  Yahoos also love to ride during lunch on local roads or on the nearby Bay Trail, and to keep up with the Yahoo Cycling Team’s latest achievements.

Bike to Work Day is a great way to highlight a fun, healthy, and low-impact commute.  And days like this remind us that we are lucky to be headquartered in an area where biking is always a pleasure, and riding with fellow Yahoos can makes the day even better.
shine royal wedding photo

When the Royals Wed, Yahoo! Broke Records!

Posted: 12th of October, 2011
With robust coverage including original articles and blogs, photo galleries, videos, and a digital guestbook enabling well-wishers worldwide to offer their advice to the couple, Yahoo became the place the world turned to for programming surrounding the Royal Wedding.

Audience figures show that Yahoo!’s overall traffic surpassed expectations and broke records, driving more traffic and video streams to its coverage of the wedding than any previous event. Preliminary internal data shows that Yahoo sites serving Royal Wedding content drove 400 million page views on Friday. Additionally Yahoo delivered Royal Wedding content at a record-breaking 50,000 requests per second on Friday, seven times the average daily peak of approximately 7,500, and video traffic was 21 percent higher than the previous record. Interest in the Royal Wedding was so high that Yahoo broke bandwidth records before Kate Middleton even stepped out of the car at Westminster Abbey.

According to Yahoo!’s internal data, Yahoo!’s Royal Wedding site (, hosted on Yahoo Shine, the leading site for women’s lifestyle content , generated 65 million unique pageviews on April 29 and April 30, with 6.6 million unique visitors the day of the wedding and 8.6 millions unique visitors the day after. Engagement with the site was high, with users spending a total of 112 million minutes over those two days combined.

Yahoo!’s homepage recorded 32 million clicks to Royal Wedding coverage on April 29, a new one-day record for a single news event, and 52 million clicks from April 29 through May 1, a three-day record for a single news event.

Yahoo! Shine as a whole set traffic records on Thursday, April 28, then broke them again on Friday and Saturday, generating 80 million combined pageviews over the two days, with 8.7 million unique visitors on Friday and 9.4 million unique visitors on Saturday. Users spent a total of 141.7 million minutes on Shine over the two days.

Yahoo!’s total Royal Wedding video audience figures eclipsed the previous record – Michael Jackson’s funeral – by 21 percent especially impressive given that this event happened during non-peak hours.

Most clicked stories:

Yahoo!’s original content on the Royal Wedding performed incredibly well, providing users instant access to everything they wanted to know with Yahoo!’s unique voice and interesting analysis. A team of industry-leading writers and editors wrote and featured fascinating stories that really clicked with users on Yahoo!’s homepage. Pippa Middleton, Kate’s younger sister and maid of honor, quickly became the breakout star of the wedding, and led coverage with the top two most-clicked stories. Yahoo!’s top five Royal Wedding stories included:

    All eyes turn to Kate’s sister (6.7 million clicks)
    Kate’s sister wears surprising white dress (6.1 million clicks)
    Who is the frowning girl in the royal kiss photo? (5.3 million clicks)
    Kate debuts stunning evening dress (5.1 million clicks)
    Kate Middleton’s dress wows spectators (4.6 million clicks)

The Royal Wedding Yahoo Guestbook:
The Royal Wedding Yahoo Guestbook provided users the opportunity to offer their marital advice and best wishes to Prince William and Kate Middleton, then share those wishes with users’ social networks. The guestbook received more than 300,000 comments from users in 194 countries. The most common advice, across all the regions, centered on three themes: be good to each other, communicate openly and never go to bed angry.

Yahoo! searches during the Royal Wedding:

Audiences have been visiting Yahoo for daily updates since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement was announced, seeking the most interesting stories or answers to a wide range of questions about all aspects of the Royal Wedding.

On the day of the wedding, amidst all the pomp and circumstance, people turned to Yahoo for answers to their many questions — including figuring out what “pomp and circumstance” was. Some of the questions people asked on Yahoo included:

    What does Pippa mean?
    What does Prince William do?
    What is a fascinator?
    What religion is Prince William?
    Did Kate Middleton meet Princess Diana?
    What is a duchess? What is a royal duke?
    Was Diana a commoner?
    Who was invited to the wedding? Who wasn’t invited to the wedding?

The day-of searches on Yahoo centered mostly around Kate: her shoes, dress, tiara, and the lace on her dress. Interest in Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton also surged on the wedding day. All week leading up to the ceremony, Prince Harry searches on Yahoo surpassed those of groom Prince William. Aside from the royal wedding party, Yahoo saw Americans’ interest focus on Sarah Burton, designer of the now-famous wedding gown, the hats worn to the wedding (searches for “royal wedding hats” spiked 4291percent on the day of the wedding), and the ladies sporting the fanciest hats: Princess Beatrice spiked 2333 percent on the day of the wedding and Princess Eugenie spiked 1474 percent.  Hat designer Phillip Treacy spiked as well.

In the days following the wedding, the attention turned from Kate and according to searches on Yahoo!, Pippa Middleton became the star of the show.  Searches on Yahoo for Pippa were 11 percent higher than for Kate (looking at searches for April 29 and 30th). Searches for “Pippa Middleton” were also significantly higher than “Prince William” and “Prince Harry.” Specifically, people wanted to know about her age, weight and height, and see her dress. Another lady casting a shadow on Princess Kate was Princess Grace — searches for “Princess Grace Wedding Dress” spiked 5680 percent the day of the wedding on Yahoo!, as commentators drew comparisons to Kate’s dress.

As expected, users wanted to see photos. On Yahoo!, searches for “royal wedding pictures” and “royal wedding photos” spiked more than 5263 percent.

Flickr from Yahoo!:

Through The British Monarchy’s official photostream on Flickr from Yahoo!, one of the world’s best places to post and share photos, the royal family has given people across the globe an inside look into the Royal Wedding over the past few months, from wedding invitations, wedding cake designs and the official wedding pictures taken by the happy couple’s photographer. In total, there have been more than 45 million views of the British Monarchy photostream and pictures on Flickr.  The top five photos viewed on The British Monarchy’s official photostream include:

    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Bride and Groom with attendants) – 1.08 million views
    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Royal Wedding Group) – 1.07 million views
    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Bride and Groom) – 810,000 views
    The Royal Wedding Cake – 447,000 views
    The Service (Prince William and Catherine Middleton leaving Westminster Abbey following the ceremony) – 440,000 views

Let’s Do Lunch – Yahoo! Women Give Great Advice

Posted: 30th of November, 2011

Women In Tech had lunch with three extraordinary Yahoo leaders: Cheryl Ainoa, Fay Hellal and Yvette Martinez-Rea. Guests enjoyed Portos and some amazing insight.

The speakers answered audience questions such as:

    * “How do you deal with difficult people?”
    * “What are the benefits of having an MBA?”
    * “As a mother, how do you practice work-life balance?”
    * “How do we nurture a woman’s ambition?”

Here’s what our speakers recommended:

    * Know your manager’s, manager’s goals and help your boss to achieve those goal
    * Know your boundaries at home and at work
    * Know your priorities for excellence
    * Manage your guilt, set appropriate expectations
    * Set clear objectives when dealing with difficult people
    * And last, "Redefine difficult." Remember people process information differently

Key Insights on career development:

   1. Create a board of directors for your life compiled of the following types of board members from varied professions: a person two levels higher (mentor level), a peer, and a person two levels lower (mentee)
   2. Think about the expectations placed on your boss
   3. To better understand work politics read the book: It’s All Politics

Dealing with difficult people: There is a difference between a difficult superior and a difficult client or peer.

   1. Peers/clients: Find ways to influence peers towards a common goal-- do not dictate the path.
   2. Bosses: Take a step back and figure out the root issue, then apply that to your next encounter.
   3. Take the Meyers Briggs Test to find out more about personality types: here (the test costs money)

Nurturing Ambition/MBA FAQs

   1. MBA's can be helpful to show the mosaic picture, using other’s experiences in the business world, we can learn a lot.
   2. The more you see the “big picture” the more you will know how you can make an impact.
   3. Give yourself permission to learn.
   4. Learn how to “manage your guilt” as an ambitious person.
   5. Give yourself permission to get less than an “A” on the unimportant parts of life: (Make your time with your kids “A+” time, and time spent on after hour work calls "F")

Broadcasting Live on Yahoo! only - "A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J.Clinton Foundation"

Posted: 7th of June, 2013
Posted on CNBC - 
"A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation" will feature special performances by Lady Gaga, Usher, and a rare acoustic performance by U2's The Edge and Bono, as well as additional artists to be announced. The concert will be held at the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA and will be broadcast live only on Yahoo (

"I am proud that some of today's most influential performers are coming together to raise awareness about the work of my Foundation," said President Bill Clinton. "In the past decade, commitments to my Clinton Global Initiative have improved the lives of more than 300 million people around the world. We've lowered the cost of AIDS and HIV treatment, combated climate change, strengthened economies, increased access to education and healthcare, provided financing and mentoring for small businesses. This celebration marks ten years of these efforts and demonstrates how much we can do to make a difference in the years ahead." Millions of people around the world will be able to watch the concert live only on Yahoo!, the premier digital media company and the exclusive live online broadcast partner for the concert. The live concert will be available at The concert will be featured globally and will be also available on-demand on Yahoo!, which will feature highlights and interviews with the artists, and other guests during and after the live event on October 15. At Yahoo!, viewers will be able to donate to the William J. Clinton Foundation....

For the entire article please visit this link.

Also check out more details on Yahoo! Music Blog - Stop the Presses! Photo courtesy of the Stop the Presses blog.
Karpagam Venkataraman

Karpagam: Engineering highly scalable, complex, large-data, and parallel systems

Posted: 30th of August, 2011
I work as an Architect with Yahoo!’s Advertising Products Group (APG).

As an Architect I am responsible for building the right system in the right way and at the right time. As APG directly impacts the monetization of our various Yahoo properties – I find my role exciting, where the decisions I make in my everyday work, can actually have a direct relationship with the company’s revenues.

I have been with Yahoo for close to 3 years now and like any journey, I have experienced my fair share of ups and downs. But the one constant factor is how exciting it has all been.

Yahoo! with its large-scale distributed processing requirements, directly caters to my career focus - to engineer highly scalable, complex, large-data, parallel and distributed systems.  With Advertising Systems I have had opportunities to work on various facets like Large Internet Application Development and large-scale data mining.

When you sweat out to balance the various product asks and the tight timelines and feasibility of the solution – the ultimate high is to hear the product cheered by the customers and market managers, alike.

My usual day at work, depends on what phase of product development cycle the project is in. The planning phase have a lot of intense interactions with the products and business folks – all of us trying to work-out the requirements, functional specs. In Design phase, it is fun to work on the detailed design with the core engineers, keeping in mind the need to adhere to the standards and technologies and implement the architectural principles while also balancing the time-to-market considerations.

Phew! But the ultimate high is to hear the product cheered by customers and market managers, alike.

The best part of my work is that I get to see many different perspectives from various stakeholders, and that helps me understand even better the diverse parameters which influence product and technology decisions. And this has created the belief in me that before we build a feature or a product, we need to keep the end-user in view, and always focus on how the product can benefit them. That’s the ball we cannot take our eyes off from.

I want to make a positive impact to as many lives as I can in my lifetime. I have seen how important education is in lifting the quality of life for many people, and as a first step towards my passion for education at par for all, I volunteer some time every week with under-privileged children and educate them on creative thinking

Code Like a Girl: Girl Geek Dinner in Banglore

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

“Girl Geek Dinner” in Bangalore

by Vartika Agarwal

What was the best part about this Girl Geek Dinner? One girl geek wrote in the feedback form, “There were no men.” Laughs aside, Yahoo!’s first Girl Geek Dinner in India generated a huge buzz for all the right reasons. From new entrants to industry veterans, girl geeks of every hue and standing came to this event, making it an unparalleled opportunity to network.

Over 275 women technologists from organizations like Cisco, NetApp, Google, Microsoft and IBM braved the rush-hour traffic to connect over dinner at The Leela Palace in Bangalore on June 9. Though the number of women in the tech industry in India has continued to climb since the dramatic growth of the IT industry in the mid ’90s, and is now around 25 per cent, networking events for women are not that common. For some attendees, Girl Geek Dinner was nothing short of inspirational. “It led me to realize that women can do more,” said one girl geek, referring to the real-life stories of women technologists achieving against all odds, shared that evening.

A networking version of Bingo served as an icebreaker and spurred interaction. But besides forging connections for the long term, there was one more reason to play. The grand prize for the competition was an iPad! (There was a collective gasp when a girl geek from Cisco walked away with it.)

Just before dinner, a discussion on a hot topic offered food for thought. Three accomplished women panelists, (including one Director from Yahoo!, a tech entrepreneur in India and a former VP of Engineering from Novell), debated the question, Are women considered geeky enough to climb the corporate ladder? The audience, a microcosm of the workforce, was the guest panelist in this discussion, revealing the diverse challenges they navigate everyday, during the Q&A that followed. Some came from conservative homes (“What do you do if your family does not support your decision to work?”) others were contemplating starting a family, or were rejoining the workforce (“Do you bribe your children with presents when you travel or work late?”)

While the consensus was that women technologists did not lack the capability, drive or passion to succeed, there were other factors, many of them personal, which slowed career growth. In India, while women are well represented in entry-level roles in the tech industry, they drop out of the workforce as they progress up the ladder. Global trade body NASSCOM puts the percentage of women in leadership roles in the Indian tech industry at around 6 per cent.

Aparna Ballakur, VP – HR for Yahoo in India, made a telling statement in her welcome note, “I’m the executive sponsor for WIT in India not because I am the HR head, but because I’m the only woman in the leadership team at Yahoo in India. I would have preferred a woman technologist to be here in my place today,” she said. Aparna shared how WIT Bangalore plays an important role in inspiring and supporting technical women across the talent pipeline, both within and outside Yahoo in India. At Yahoo Bangalore, the charter includes building an inclusive workforce, mentoring women and supporting them as they rejoin the mainstream after a break. Outside Yahoo!, it’s been about giving back to women in the tech community. As part of its outreach program in India, WIT helps women on campuses successfully enter the IT workforce. It also connects and empowers women in tech through networking events.

The networking at this Girl Geek Dinner continued over dinner - a fabulous Indian and continental spread. The event ended like it began, high on energy. One guest had just three words to describe it, “Insightful, informative, helpful.” That said it all.

Sushant Sinha named one of Indias top in

Sushant Sinha named one of Indias top innovators

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

Indian Kanoon search engine helps people understand their rights.

Sushant Sinha, part of the Cloud Platform Group in Bangalore, was recently named one of India’s top innovators. He was featured in Technology Review's prestigious TR35 2011 – a list of outstanding innovators in India under the age of 35.

Sushant earned his place in this exclusive list for developing Indian Kanoon, a free search engine of Indian law (Kanoon means ‘law’ in Hindi, the official language of India). The portal provides the most relevant Indian laws and court judgments in response to a query.Since its launch in January 2008, Indian Kanoonhas been embraced by the Indian public, and is empowering citizens to seek justice.

Traffic is growing exponentially - 10 times in the past year and a half. Indian Kanoon currently receives half a million unique users a month, with roughly 2.5 million page views.

And here’s why. Prior to Indian Kanoon, there was no website which provided information about Indian law, at least nothing that was easy to use. Asignificant portion of the population remained completely ignorant of their rights and privileges.

“Most existing law websites charged a hefty fee and were designed by lawyers for lawyers,” explains Sushant.”The technology was stone aged, compared to the advances in the information retrieval brought about by current search engines.”

He filled these gaps when he developed Indian Kanoon. “I started the project as a way to enrich court judgments by linking them with laws and other references. The linking turned out to be so useful that I went on to build Indian Kanoon,” he adds.

Besides the standard information retrieval techniques for relevance, Indian Kanoon brings in a couple of other innovations to make law search effective. First, it breaks down law documents into the smallest possible clause. It then determines the important law sections at the granularity of the smallest possible law section. Secondly, it tightly integrates law/statutes with court judgments, which allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments.

It isn’t just the man on the street who’s benefiting from Indian Kanoon. Lawyers and law students form a big chunk of the user base.

Sushant, who has a PhD in Internet Security (“nothing related to search,”) is currently working on the document enrichment framework Sombrero at Yahoo!. He balances his day job with Indian Kanoon by working on it in the night and on weekends.

On what it takes to be an innovator, Sushant believes, “It takes identifying important problems and working hard to solve them. Sometimes the identified problems are just minor issues when others view it and so what really matters is whether you are convinced about the importance of the problem.”

Big Job Alert: Tech Lead

Posted: 29th of August, 2011

Are you motivated by the design challenges inherent in building highly scalable, complex and reliable software systems? Do you relish the opportunity to work on one of the largest distributed systems in the world, running on thousands of machines and handling petabytes of data?

The Hadoop Engineering team in Yahoo Cloud Computing, Bangalore is looking for smart engineers to help develop hugely Scalable, highly Performant, and Reliable platforms, and Scheduling for such environments. These platforms are used to handle the data manipulation, mining and storage needs of applications that work with several multi-terabyte data sets. Developing this infrastructure requires solving many technical challenges in the areas of parallel and distributed computing, multi-terabyte storage systems, and high-performance computing. It calls for skills in distributed algorithms and file systems, software design principles, systems programming and expertise in Java and C/C++. You will be expected to build scalable and modular system; measure and optimize system performance, and ensure that systems run reliably in a 24/7 production environment.

Requsition Number: 34827

Location: Bangalore, IN - Bangalore Intermediate Ring Road

Our primary distributed computing platform is Hadoop (, an Apache Software Foundation open source project, which is fast becoming a widely prevalent Grid platform of choice. We are the primary contributors to Hadoop. The Bangalore Hadoop team is also responsible for developing and enhancing Hive (

Absolutely Required:

- You should have a formal degree in engineering course in Computer Science
- You should have a total of 5+ years of experience with specialization in Distributed and parallel computing - addressing requirements like high performance, fault tolerance, maintainability serviceability. You should be able to establish through your experience that you have successfully designed and created the applications that devoured all the available computing resources to deliver maximum performance and scalability.
- 5+ years of experience in Java and or C++ on UNIX/Linux platform. Proficiency in core Java and multi-threaded programming is a must. Hands-on experience in using design patterns and best practices for developing scalable and high performance applications.
- Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills.
- Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
- Collaborate with teams in US to define the architecture and design of the next generation of Hadoop

- M.S in Computer Science.
- Understanding of Cloud Computing, Resource managers like Torque/Maui, Hadoop
- Understanding database internals like Query parsing, execution plan, query optimization, data storage

Big Job Alert: Principal Engineer, II Service Engineering

Posted: 24th of August, 2011

YOUR next big opportunity.

Bring your ideas, your passion and your creativity to life — and have fun doing it. At Yahoo!, your work will reach over half a billion people around the world. There’s no small task and no small opportunity. We’re looking for big thinkers who embody the innovative, collaborative, fun spirit that’s uniquely Yahoo!. We're looking for people like you. Welcome to Yahoo!.

Requsition Number: 35949

Location: Bangalore, IN - Bangalore Bagmane Tech Park

The person would have a role with significant scope and charter to architect, design, build prototypes and implement very high quality platform and products while also closely collaborating with the global engineering community by way of mentoring, participating in design reviews and providing thought leadership in technical areas


Technical evaluation, architecture, design, implementation and deployment of large scale web applications/back-end platforms, in a multi-platform environment
- Owns the technology roadmap for a range of products/platforms
- Architecting compelling and competitive infrastructure solutions which demonstrate significant and quantifiable value
- Influence, Train and Mentor the technical team
- Works with technology management to establish clear guidelines on the use of technology.
- Communicates directly with product, quality assurance, business and all other roles to establish clear deliverables, accurate work estimates, and verification of deliverables.
- Works to make things better, cheaper, and faster (time to market). Accomplishes this by keeping things simple and following up with testing and verification.
- Experience in leading solution planning teams
- Strong oral and written communication skills
- Experience in development of quality, reusable deliverables
- Demonstrated structured problem solving abilities
- Enthusiastic and able to thrive in a team environment
- Good UNIX internals knowledge
- Must be proficient with UNIX services/architecture

- Minimum Graduation
- Work Experience: 11-15 Years of experience

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information or to search all of our openings please visit