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The Mobile and Emerging Products Team at Yahoo!

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

“After a year of promises and hints, Yahoo is finally giving consumers a glimpse of its future: beautiful apps, modern design, and full participation in the future of mobile computers.” - Jolie O’Dell, VentureBeat

At Yahoo!, our Mobile and Emerging Products team is at the forefront of innovation and is constantly working on fantastic apps for our millions of users to enjoy every day.  

Adam Cahan, SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products, says,  "Our opportunity at Yahoo is to boldly envision tomorrow, and then we will bring that into reality today.”  Our mobile team is taking bold steps into the future, leaving their mark on the tech landscape. Hear directly from the team in this video!

Check out some of the apps our mobile team has recently launched:

Interested in joining a team that creates amazing experiences for our users? Click here.

Yahoo! Sponsors The AMPLab, Donates Servers To Help University Research

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

“Yahoo! is taking incredibly relevant research and implementing it at a scale you have never seen before”, said Ram Sriharsha, a Principal Software Engineer at Yahoo while speaking at the Y! Star event in the University of California, Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences’ AMPLab (Algorithms, Machine Learning and People Lab).

Ram, addressed a room of more than 25, post-graduate Computer Science students, and spoke about the exciting problem solving he gets to do at Yahoo!, while working on improving products that are part of millions of users daily habits.Yahoo!’s current focus on Cloud Computing, Machine learning and Crowdsourcing, tie very closely to the founding principles of the AMPLab at UC Berkeley, which makes them a fantastic partner.

Students at the talk by Ram Sriharsha

The event on the Berkeley campus was to celebrate this great partnership between Yahoo and the AMPLab, which is focused on addressing new challenges and opportunities in Big Data analytics. In an initiative called Y!STAR (Yahoo! Servers To Academic Researchers) Yahoo is refurbishing and donating decommissioned servers to university researchers. So far, 2,400 servers, with a total estimated value over $980,000 have been distributed across to 36 campuses – 30 in the U.S., five in Europe, and one in India.

After the event, students had the opportunity to discuss internships, new grad and postdoctoral opportunities with Ram and other Yahoos at the event.

Master Inventors at Yahoo!

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

At Yahoo!, Master Inventor Awards are given to recognize and reward some of the company’s top innovators. The criteria are not just about the number of patents, but also the inventor's contribution to innovation and their capacity and experience in mentorship. We had a chance to interview some of them on their great work and suggestions to junior inventors.

Why is Yahoo a good place for developers and inventors?
Peter Mika: Yahoo! is a great place for inventors of all kinds. Yahoo! Labs in particular is unique in the industry in that it's renown both for scientific excellence externally and for having a huge impact on Yahoo!'s businesses.

Tarun Bhatia: It’s a great place for developers and engineers. There’s much room for creative solutions. We have many interesting problems with the potential of meaningful impact, large amounts of data, adequate resources, and a unique and fun culture. I love how many disciplines we embrace to solve our business challenges – economics, social sciences, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, etc. Each day is like being back in school, only better.

What are you working on now?
Tarun Bhatia: Right now, I’m trying to see if we can real-time assess how we affect a user with each interaction in a session. This has significant marketplace implications. Imagine how effectively we could delight our users and advertisers if every serve-time decision is consciously informed by this assessment.

What advice do you have for more junior inventors?
Ron Jacoby: Find something you are passionate about.  Work to really understand the current state of technology and business of that market. Find the opportunities that exist. Develop your ideas and plan. And never take No as a final answer; use it as feedback to further develop your ideas and pitch.

Tarun Bhatia: Best advice I received was - write it down. Apart from that, encourage yourself to cover a problem outside your area of focus with a fresh perspective. Think of where else your solutions may apply. Do this often.

Ricardo Baeza -Yates:
Do not plan your life. Just do your best and unthinkable opportunities will cross your life path.

Yoelle Maarek
: Think simple, think user. Don't think like an engineer or scientist – think about your mom, your kids, would they understand the value of your invention, would they want to use it.

Yahoo! brings Agency Hack to India

Posted: 16th of January, 2013

After the Yahoo WPP and Publicis Hack days in New York, which drew top developers, marketers and designers from the digital advertising and consumer media industry, Yahoo recently brought Agency Hack to India. Held in Gurgaon, an influential tech and media hub, this was our first-ever hackathon in the region open exclusively to advertising agencies.

Some of the country’s biggest ad agencies like Ogilvy, Webchutney and Digitas were there. What made the format interesting was the participation not just from developers, but also designers, user-experience specialists, digital strategists, media planners and copy writers.

Participating teams could choose to either build a campaign-based solution or a product-based one using technologies from Yahoo and other players. Teams came up with smart digital hacks and other ideas to solve real-life problems in a frenzied 24 hours. Working prototypes ranged from mobile apps, to companion apps in a living room experience, to social apps for voting and blood donation. (See the complete list here.)

Since this was a creative bunch, the event had its share of whacky ideas. The winner, “Y! Loo.” was a hardware hack that leverages Yahoo Messenger and enables users to remotely check the availability of their office loos (or conference rooms) and physically knock on the door if engaged! Webchutney took home the Gold for this notification system which they described as an “interactive restroom service.” :)

Digitas walked away with the Silver for their Twitter-based hack “Twinority Report”, a Tweet investigator that anticipates criminal intentions ranging from drug abuse to suicide to serious national threats, by analyzing keyword patterns. (This could also be of use to marketers to gauge or assess a new market / trend).

Sapient Nitro took home the Bronze for their movie viewing companion experience platform “Lens”. This digital advertisement publishing platform enables digital production houses to create ads in the movie timeline in rich visualization formats. Ads created on Lens can be published to companion apps of the production houses on platforms like iOS, Windows and Android.

The judging panel comprised technology, media and marketing experts
The event was jointly organized by YDN, India Marketing, Communications and the Events team. Our YDN tech crew was also there to support the hackers. When participant Rohit Chaudhary’s fellow teammates could not make it to the event, the YDN crew guided this Strategy Planner from Reprise Media to build his hack – an app for blood donation which helps you find blood donors in your locality. 

Agency Hack was held as a precursor to the prestigious Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards 2012, which celebrates India’s most cutting-edge work in digital advertising. This year, the event drew a record 383 entries. “In the past, we have recognized innovation and excellence in digital advertising through the Big Idea Chair Awards. This year, with Agency Hack, we have gone a step further by encouraging innovation and giving agencies a playground to hack their ideas. Given the response, we would be looking to make this an annual event that builds on our commitment to digital,” says Nitin.

There was keen media interest, given the format of the event, with journalists stopping by to meet the teams. One of the first pieces of coverage appeared in the Hindustan Times, which is among the largest circulated English dailies in India. The paper’s tech commentator, N. Madhavan, hung out with the teams and shared the experience in his column. Read it online.


Hackswept! Inside Open Hack India 2012

Posted: 13th of September, 2012

Our fifth Open Hack in India held in Bangalore on August 11-12, was Yahoo!’s biggest Open Hack ever. Check out the cool hackers, and the amazing energy which sets this event apart!

With huge participation from across the country, Open Hack India 2012 saw over 700 hackers getting together to build on their ideas across three main categories: Multi-device Experiences, Digital Media and Advertising, and Digital Communications. In the spirit of Open Hack, there was also a catch-all category called Surprise Us.

24 hours, 7,600 cups of tea and coffee later, it came down to five hacks, which wowed the judging panel. A simple and intuitive tool edged out 157 others hacks to win the grand prize. Amod Kumar Pandey and Nikhil Baliga, who have been part of past Open Hacks, struck gold this time with Brock. This tool allows even non-developers to build very useful mini-apps for their Android devices, with just a few clicks. Brock is built on top of on{x} and completely insulates the end-user from the code, by generating it. You can try out Brock here.

Other winning hacks included:

Pictrendz: Lets users understand ongoing trends with a single look at image clusters, instead of word clouds.
Beam OS: Helps users to manage, organize and browse all their files spread across multiple cloud services, from a single user-friendly desktop-like environment.
BookMafia: A mobile app that enables easy circulation of books among geographically close users.
Vibration Reduction for Improved Readability: A group of ex-Yahoos built this browser-based hack to counter physical vibrations on mobile devices, to improve ease of reading while in a vehicle.

Read the detailed post on the winning hacks, along with other updates from the event, on the YDN blog. See these and other submitted hacks on the Hack Tracker.

This year’s Hackers’ Choice Award went to 'I’m bored'. Designed for when you’re on the go, the app picks up your location and maps events and activities around you. It restricts the radius, and also gives you the time the activity is going to begin. It was built by the team “Null Pointers” in answer to the question, “What do you do if you’re 27, single and have so much free time that you flop down and say, “I’m bored!?”

The place was crackling with energy and music, as music station Radio Indigo (91.9 fm) broadcast live from the venue through the 24-hour hackathon. Several folks went on air to play their song and talk about the event. Many developers present, like Madhurima Malla, have attended back-to-back Open Hacks. “It’s great to see the range of ideas. The demos are amazing, and I look forward to finding out what my fellow hackers have ‘imagined’ and built each year. That always brings me back.”

See photos.

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Yahoo! Launches Livestand!

Posted: 7th of June, 2013
Livestand is now available! A personalized living magazine, Livestand weaves together content from leading third-party publishers and Yahoo!'s global media network to create a visually stunning and deeply personalized digital experience tailored to each people's interests and passions.

Visit Livestand on Facebook! 
Hear from one of the Livestand Engineers
Like most engineers, Daivak Shah likes building things from the ground up. So naturally, when presented with the opportunity to help create Livestand for Yahoo!, Daivak jumped at the chance. The Senior Engineering Manager for Livestand describes the initiative a “content eco-system,” weaving together the vast amount of content that Yahoo has at its disposal into a rich, custom-tailored experience for consumers, advertisers and publishers. Being able to take an active role in building this game-changing user experience has kept Daivak invested in Yahoo “I feel passionate about what I’m building and I’m enjoying what I’m working on.”
Hemant Sambrani

Hemanth: Think, Work, and See it Through

Posted: 12th of October, 2011

I am a Product Manager with the Yahoo Cloud Platform Group.
I drive the product definition of Comments, Conversations and Message Boards on User Generated Content Cloud, or what we call as UGC Cloud.

The UGC Cloud group provides a performant, scalable platform and widget solutions for Yahoo properties to enrich their content pages with User Generated Content constructs.

Sounds quite complex, doesn’t it? Well what we work on provides users with mechanisms to express themselves and engage in personally meaningful conversations with the rich community on Yahoo verticals.

We believe that creating an awesome digital experience is about engaging and delighting the user in ways which bring personal meaning to their experience and discoveries on the web.

For me, it is always an exhilarating experience to define a product and see it through as it comes alive. And this does involve a lot of work around benchmarking competitive products, carrying out some market and products research, talking to loads of people and teams, and finding  opportunities to improve the product or patent ideas. Sometimes, it is a ton of work, and quite layered as well.  What helps me craft a solution, I guess, is my belief that if we keep chipping at it long enough, we will find a way to deal with it.

I am a man of few words. So I describe my past 5 years with Yahoo with only one word – Fun! Exciting, cool work culture which feeds on passion, innovation and creativity. Absolutely flexible and open about things that matter! I have also found it very helpful the way Yahoo has connected me to several workshops, conferences and events which help me understand the ecosystem around us and then contribute to it.

And of course the best part is that the culture completely vibes with what I believe: Think, Work and See it through.  
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When the Royals Wed, Yahoo! Broke Records!

Posted: 12th of October, 2011
With robust coverage including original articles and blogs, photo galleries, videos, and a digital guestbook enabling well-wishers worldwide to offer their advice to the couple, Yahoo became the place the world turned to for programming surrounding the Royal Wedding.

Audience figures show that Yahoo!’s overall traffic surpassed expectations and broke records, driving more traffic and video streams to its coverage of the wedding than any previous event. Preliminary internal data shows that Yahoo sites serving Royal Wedding content drove 400 million page views on Friday. Additionally Yahoo delivered Royal Wedding content at a record-breaking 50,000 requests per second on Friday, seven times the average daily peak of approximately 7,500, and video traffic was 21 percent higher than the previous record. Interest in the Royal Wedding was so high that Yahoo broke bandwidth records before Kate Middleton even stepped out of the car at Westminster Abbey.

According to Yahoo!’s internal data, Yahoo!’s Royal Wedding site (, hosted on Yahoo Shine, the leading site for women’s lifestyle content , generated 65 million unique pageviews on April 29 and April 30, with 6.6 million unique visitors the day of the wedding and 8.6 millions unique visitors the day after. Engagement with the site was high, with users spending a total of 112 million minutes over those two days combined.

Yahoo!’s homepage recorded 32 million clicks to Royal Wedding coverage on April 29, a new one-day record for a single news event, and 52 million clicks from April 29 through May 1, a three-day record for a single news event.

Yahoo! Shine as a whole set traffic records on Thursday, April 28, then broke them again on Friday and Saturday, generating 80 million combined pageviews over the two days, with 8.7 million unique visitors on Friday and 9.4 million unique visitors on Saturday. Users spent a total of 141.7 million minutes on Shine over the two days.

Yahoo!’s total Royal Wedding video audience figures eclipsed the previous record – Michael Jackson’s funeral – by 21 percent especially impressive given that this event happened during non-peak hours.

Most clicked stories:

Yahoo!’s original content on the Royal Wedding performed incredibly well, providing users instant access to everything they wanted to know with Yahoo!’s unique voice and interesting analysis. A team of industry-leading writers and editors wrote and featured fascinating stories that really clicked with users on Yahoo!’s homepage. Pippa Middleton, Kate’s younger sister and maid of honor, quickly became the breakout star of the wedding, and led coverage with the top two most-clicked stories. Yahoo!’s top five Royal Wedding stories included:

    All eyes turn to Kate’s sister (6.7 million clicks)
    Kate’s sister wears surprising white dress (6.1 million clicks)
    Who is the frowning girl in the royal kiss photo? (5.3 million clicks)
    Kate debuts stunning evening dress (5.1 million clicks)
    Kate Middleton’s dress wows spectators (4.6 million clicks)

The Royal Wedding Yahoo Guestbook:
The Royal Wedding Yahoo Guestbook provided users the opportunity to offer their marital advice and best wishes to Prince William and Kate Middleton, then share those wishes with users’ social networks. The guestbook received more than 300,000 comments from users in 194 countries. The most common advice, across all the regions, centered on three themes: be good to each other, communicate openly and never go to bed angry.

Yahoo! searches during the Royal Wedding:

Audiences have been visiting Yahoo for daily updates since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement was announced, seeking the most interesting stories or answers to a wide range of questions about all aspects of the Royal Wedding.

On the day of the wedding, amidst all the pomp and circumstance, people turned to Yahoo for answers to their many questions — including figuring out what “pomp and circumstance” was. Some of the questions people asked on Yahoo included:

    What does Pippa mean?
    What does Prince William do?
    What is a fascinator?
    What religion is Prince William?
    Did Kate Middleton meet Princess Diana?
    What is a duchess? What is a royal duke?
    Was Diana a commoner?
    Who was invited to the wedding? Who wasn’t invited to the wedding?

The day-of searches on Yahoo centered mostly around Kate: her shoes, dress, tiara, and the lace on her dress. Interest in Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton also surged on the wedding day. All week leading up to the ceremony, Prince Harry searches on Yahoo surpassed those of groom Prince William. Aside from the royal wedding party, Yahoo saw Americans’ interest focus on Sarah Burton, designer of the now-famous wedding gown, the hats worn to the wedding (searches for “royal wedding hats” spiked 4291percent on the day of the wedding), and the ladies sporting the fanciest hats: Princess Beatrice spiked 2333 percent on the day of the wedding and Princess Eugenie spiked 1474 percent.  Hat designer Phillip Treacy spiked as well.

In the days following the wedding, the attention turned from Kate and according to searches on Yahoo!, Pippa Middleton became the star of the show.  Searches on Yahoo for Pippa were 11 percent higher than for Kate (looking at searches for April 29 and 30th). Searches for “Pippa Middleton” were also significantly higher than “Prince William” and “Prince Harry.” Specifically, people wanted to know about her age, weight and height, and see her dress. Another lady casting a shadow on Princess Kate was Princess Grace — searches for “Princess Grace Wedding Dress” spiked 5680 percent the day of the wedding on Yahoo!, as commentators drew comparisons to Kate’s dress.

As expected, users wanted to see photos. On Yahoo!, searches for “royal wedding pictures” and “royal wedding photos” spiked more than 5263 percent.

Flickr from Yahoo!:

Through The British Monarchy’s official photostream on Flickr from Yahoo!, one of the world’s best places to post and share photos, the royal family has given people across the globe an inside look into the Royal Wedding over the past few months, from wedding invitations, wedding cake designs and the official wedding pictures taken by the happy couple’s photographer. In total, there have been more than 45 million views of the British Monarchy photostream and pictures on Flickr.  The top five photos viewed on The British Monarchy’s official photostream include:

    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Bride and Groom with attendants) – 1.08 million views
    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Royal Wedding Group) – 1.07 million views
    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Bride and Groom) – 810,000 views
    The Royal Wedding Cake – 447,000 views
    The Service (Prince William and Catherine Middleton leaving Westminster Abbey following the ceremony) – 440,000 views

Big Job Alert: Principal Engineer, II Service Engineering

Posted: 24th of August, 2011

YOUR next big opportunity.

Bring your ideas, your passion and your creativity to life — and have fun doing it. At Yahoo!, your work will reach over half a billion people around the world. There’s no small task and no small opportunity. We’re looking for big thinkers who embody the innovative, collaborative, fun spirit that’s uniquely Yahoo!. We're looking for people like you. Welcome to Yahoo!.

Requsition Number: 35949

Location: Bangalore, IN - Bangalore Bagmane Tech Park

The person would have a role with significant scope and charter to architect, design, build prototypes and implement very high quality platform and products while also closely collaborating with the global engineering community by way of mentoring, participating in design reviews and providing thought leadership in technical areas


Technical evaluation, architecture, design, implementation and deployment of large scale web applications/back-end platforms, in a multi-platform environment
- Owns the technology roadmap for a range of products/platforms
- Architecting compelling and competitive infrastructure solutions which demonstrate significant and quantifiable value
- Influence, Train and Mentor the technical team
- Works with technology management to establish clear guidelines on the use of technology.
- Communicates directly with product, quality assurance, business and all other roles to establish clear deliverables, accurate work estimates, and verification of deliverables.
- Works to make things better, cheaper, and faster (time to market). Accomplishes this by keeping things simple and following up with testing and verification.
- Experience in leading solution planning teams
- Strong oral and written communication skills
- Experience in development of quality, reusable deliverables
- Demonstrated structured problem solving abilities
- Enthusiastic and able to thrive in a team environment
- Good UNIX internals knowledge
- Must be proficient with UNIX services/architecture

- Minimum Graduation
- Work Experience: 11-15 Years of experience

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information or to search all of our openings please visit

Big Job Alert: Senior Architect for Yahoo! Small Business

Posted: 22nd of August, 2011
YOUR next big opportunity.

Bring your ideas, your passion and your creativity to life — and have fun doing it. At Yahoo!, your work will reach over half a billion people around the world. There’s no small task and no small opportunity. We’re looking for big thinkers who embody the innovative, collaborative, fun spirit that’s uniquely Yahoo!. We're looking for people like you. Welcome to Yahoo!.

As a senior technical leader and architect in the team, you will need to execute on the following essential job functions:
• Design highly reliable, scalable, extensible, maintainable, and operable systems
• Work closely with senior management as well as development teams to innovate and define the next generation services
• Recommend technology and standards for implementing products
• Solve challenges with internet system design, large-volume system architecture, efficient program design and security
• Work closely with development teams to develop design patterns and to improve product quality, performance, and reliability
• Work closely with executives to align products and systems with the organizations that specify, develop, test, and deploy them
• Evangelize technology vision and strategy with senior management, other groups within the company, and outside Yahoo
• We value architects who do enough hands-on implementation work to keep current with technology trends inside and outside the company

Education and Years of Experience Needed
• BS/MS in CS or equivalent is required. Ph.D. is desirable
• 12+ years of experience working with distributed systems
• 3+ years as an architect for a significantly complex product/service

Position Requirements
• Demonstrated talent and passion for architecting concepts into reality
• Demonstrated ability to provide technical leadership for large, high caliber teams
• Expertise in Internet systems design and implementation (both textbook and war stories)
• In-depth understanding of one or more of the following internet system design, transactional / e-commerce systems, caching strategies and distributed system architecture
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Technical Skills Needed
• Experience with object-oriented technologies, including UML and a range of design patterns
• Experience with object oriented design and coding with some combination of C++, Java, Perl, PHP
• Experience with Web Technologies (Apache, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, HTTP, SOAP, XML)
• Understanding of large-scale data processing technologies and transactional systems (SQL, Map/Reduce)

Some travel may be required.

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information or to search all of our openings please visit