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Biking to Work

Posted: 7th of September, 2011
On May 12th Yahoos rolled into work on two wheels to celebrate Bike to Work Day!  We cheered a parade of road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and even cargo bikes.  Bright colors were a popular fashion choice this morning (neon green, anyone?), with a solid showing of lycra jerseys and bike shorts in Yahoo purple.

Cyclists heading to our Sunnyvale and Santa Clara offices stopped by Yahoo!’s two Energizer Stations, where Yahoo Green Team volunteers greeted them, applauded their people-powered commutes, and rewarded them with a hearty breakfast spread.  Yahoos rode anywhere from 3 miles to 53 miles to get to work, and we’re proud of all of them!  Everyone was thrilled with the perfect weather, especially our brave first-time bike commuters.

Yahoo cyclists at our Sunnyvale headquarters enjoy showers with clean towels, saunas, toiletries, hair dryers, and irons to stay looking crisp after a ride into work.   Bikes are safely stored in bike lockers or open air racks, and we get monthly “house-calls” from a mobile Bike Doctor.  Yahoos also love to ride during lunch on local roads or on the nearby Bay Trail, and to keep up with the Yahoo Cycling Team’s latest achievements.

Bike to Work Day is a great way to highlight a fun, healthy, and low-impact commute.  And days like this remind us that we are lucky to be headquartered in an area where biking is always a pleasure, and riding with fellow Yahoos can makes the day even better.

Let’s Do Lunch – Yahoo! Women Give Great Advice

Posted: 30th of November, 2011

Women In Tech had lunch with three extraordinary Yahoo leaders: Cheryl Ainoa, Fay Hellal and Yvette Martinez-Rea. Guests enjoyed Portos and some amazing insight.

The speakers answered audience questions such as:

    * “How do you deal with difficult people?”
    * “What are the benefits of having an MBA?”
    * “As a mother, how do you practice work-life balance?”
    * “How do we nurture a woman’s ambition?”

Here’s what our speakers recommended:

    * Know your manager’s, manager’s goals and help your boss to achieve those goal
    * Know your boundaries at home and at work
    * Know your priorities for excellence
    * Manage your guilt, set appropriate expectations
    * Set clear objectives when dealing with difficult people
    * And last, "Redefine difficult." Remember people process information differently

Key Insights on career development:

   1. Create a board of directors for your life compiled of the following types of board members from varied professions: a person two levels higher (mentor level), a peer, and a person two levels lower (mentee)
   2. Think about the expectations placed on your boss
   3. To better understand work politics read the book: It’s All Politics

Dealing with difficult people: There is a difference between a difficult superior and a difficult client or peer.

   1. Peers/clients: Find ways to influence peers towards a common goal-- do not dictate the path.
   2. Bosses: Take a step back and figure out the root issue, then apply that to your next encounter.
   3. Take the Meyers Briggs Test to find out more about personality types: here (the test costs money)

Nurturing Ambition/MBA FAQs

   1. MBA's can be helpful to show the mosaic picture, using other’s experiences in the business world, we can learn a lot.
   2. The more you see the “big picture” the more you will know how you can make an impact.
   3. Give yourself permission to learn.
   4. Learn how to “manage your guilt” as an ambitious person.
   5. Give yourself permission to get less than an “A” on the unimportant parts of life: (Make your time with your kids “A+” time, and time spent on after hour work calls "F")

Big Job Alert: Tech Lead

Posted: 29th of August, 2011

Are you motivated by the design challenges inherent in building highly scalable, complex and reliable software systems? Do you relish the opportunity to work on one of the largest distributed systems in the world, running on thousands of machines and handling petabytes of data?

The Hadoop Engineering team in Yahoo Cloud Computing, Bangalore is looking for smart engineers to help develop hugely Scalable, highly Performant, and Reliable platforms, and Scheduling for such environments. These platforms are used to handle the data manipulation, mining and storage needs of applications that work with several multi-terabyte data sets. Developing this infrastructure requires solving many technical challenges in the areas of parallel and distributed computing, multi-terabyte storage systems, and high-performance computing. It calls for skills in distributed algorithms and file systems, software design principles, systems programming and expertise in Java and C/C++. You will be expected to build scalable and modular system; measure and optimize system performance, and ensure that systems run reliably in a 24/7 production environment.

Requsition Number: 34827

Location: Bangalore, IN - Bangalore Intermediate Ring Road

Our primary distributed computing platform is Hadoop (, an Apache Software Foundation open source project, which is fast becoming a widely prevalent Grid platform of choice. We are the primary contributors to Hadoop. The Bangalore Hadoop team is also responsible for developing and enhancing Hive (

Absolutely Required:

- You should have a formal degree in engineering course in Computer Science
- You should have a total of 5+ years of experience with specialization in Distributed and parallel computing - addressing requirements like high performance, fault tolerance, maintainability serviceability. You should be able to establish through your experience that you have successfully designed and created the applications that devoured all the available computing resources to deliver maximum performance and scalability.
- 5+ years of experience in Java and or C++ on UNIX/Linux platform. Proficiency in core Java and multi-threaded programming is a must. Hands-on experience in using design patterns and best practices for developing scalable and high performance applications.
- Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills.
- Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
- Collaborate with teams in US to define the architecture and design of the next generation of Hadoop

- M.S in Computer Science.
- Understanding of Cloud Computing, Resource managers like Torque/Maui, Hadoop
- Understanding database internals like Query parsing, execution plan, query optimization, data storage

Big Job Alert: Principal Engineer, II Service Engineering

Posted: 24th of August, 2011

YOUR next big opportunity.

Bring your ideas, your passion and your creativity to life — and have fun doing it. At Yahoo!, your work will reach over half a billion people around the world. There’s no small task and no small opportunity. We’re looking for big thinkers who embody the innovative, collaborative, fun spirit that’s uniquely Yahoo!. We're looking for people like you. Welcome to Yahoo!.

Requsition Number: 35949

Location: Bangalore, IN - Bangalore Bagmane Tech Park

The person would have a role with significant scope and charter to architect, design, build prototypes and implement very high quality platform and products while also closely collaborating with the global engineering community by way of mentoring, participating in design reviews and providing thought leadership in technical areas


Technical evaluation, architecture, design, implementation and deployment of large scale web applications/back-end platforms, in a multi-platform environment
- Owns the technology roadmap for a range of products/platforms
- Architecting compelling and competitive infrastructure solutions which demonstrate significant and quantifiable value
- Influence, Train and Mentor the technical team
- Works with technology management to establish clear guidelines on the use of technology.
- Communicates directly with product, quality assurance, business and all other roles to establish clear deliverables, accurate work estimates, and verification of deliverables.
- Works to make things better, cheaper, and faster (time to market). Accomplishes this by keeping things simple and following up with testing and verification.
- Experience in leading solution planning teams
- Strong oral and written communication skills
- Experience in development of quality, reusable deliverables
- Demonstrated structured problem solving abilities
- Enthusiastic and able to thrive in a team environment
- Good UNIX internals knowledge
- Must be proficient with UNIX services/architecture

- Minimum Graduation
- Work Experience: 11-15 Years of experience

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information or to search all of our openings please visit