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sandy gould

Know Your Superpower? 5 Steps To Reaching Your Creative Destiny

Posted: 9th of October, 2013
Our own Sandy Gould, SVP of Talent Acquisition and Development, talks with Fast Company about the five simple steps that help clear a path for career growth. Read the full article here:

There will always be mystery in the future, but knowing your talent will help you make it through. And thrive.

When I was 12 years old, I saw Star Wars in the theater at least six times. When I got home from the sixth screening, I ran straight to my mother and said, “Mom, Luke Skywalker knows his destiny and I know mine. My destiny is to help people achieve their creative destiny.” I’ve been lucky to be able to do so ever since. At Yahoo, I spend my days building and empowering our transformative talent, and hopefully I can help you grow your career too.

I think one of the most daunting and compelling things about life is the mystery of the unknown. It’s hard to see the plan for growth when you’re so focused on the day-to-day. The future becomes a far off idea that you can’t quite imagine, let alone figure out how to build.

When I'm speaking with Yahoo employees, I advise them on five simple steps that help clear a path for career growth. These tips help you focus on the big picture, which helps the business succeed, and ultimately helps you succeed. As a self-proclaimed comic book junkie, I’ve appropriately dubbed them . . .


1. Know your superpowers.

What are you good at? Chances are you have felt an interest in your superpower all your life. Think about what you love and what you excel at. Think back to your childhood, passions, hobbies, and interests. When you feel “in your zone” and time passes quickly, what are you doing? Capitalize on that. And as Batman taught us, anyone can be a hero--no matter how “super” your powers are.

2. Know who you’re working for and who you want to work for.

Gain an understanding for how the decision makers on your team think. What are they looking for? Why did they hire you? What skills do you need to impress them to get to the next level?

3. Understand their needs and the company’s needs (this is key!).
Depending on the level of transparency in your company, this can be really easy or really difficult, but it is crucial. In order to excel, you must learn the goals of the company, your department and your manager. You can then shape your individual goals around them (and use your superpowers to achieve them).

4. Deliver.
Deliver on the business goals you’ve outlined. By your review, you will have succeeded in meeting the high-level business needs of the company.

5. Take risks to stretch, grow, and learn.

This is just physics. You must be operating above your level in order to be considered for the next one. So don’t be afraid to take on a challenge.

There will always be mystery in the future, and as you work on your career superpowers--both identifying and learning how to use them--you can never know definitively where they will lead you. And you don’t need to. Einstein said that 52% of all great creativity is accidental, so be ready to grab opportunity and own your career development.

Whether your career is just beginning or you’re well into your journey, I hope these tips will help you take ownership, grow, and ultimately lead you to reaching your creative destiny--whatever that may be.

Remember, Bruce Wayne as Batman can't fly, he doesn't transform himself when he's angry. He just fights bad guys. And does a really good job.

--Sandy Gould is the senior vice president of global talent acquisition and development at Yahoo. Previously, he lead recruitment for the Disney/ABC Television Group, where he was responsible for talent acquisition and talent development initiatives.
Big Thinkers 2013

2013 Big Thinkers India Series: Yahoo! Labs' thought leadership in research and science

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

Ronny Lempel
Chief Data Scientist, Yahoo! Labs, Israel, drew an extremely engaged audience from across industry and academia at his recent Big Thinkers session in Bangalore. Ronny’s talk kicked off the Yahoo Big Thinkers India Series for 2013, a well-regarded lecture series by Yahoo Labs on cutting edge areas in science, technology and the Internet. Ronny’s topic was Recommendation Challenges in Web Media Settings. He spoke about how recommendation technology is at the core of the effort to personalize media consumption on the Web, be it news stories or streaming music. Outlining research challenges and trends in the art of recommendation technology, Ronny said, “The key problem researchers are looking at involve the ability to suggest sequences, frame the user’s context, find people with similar interests and, finally, recommend to people things their friends have experienced.” 

With Yahoo!’s focus on building highly personalized experiences that connect people to what matters most to them, technologies like recommender systems are central to personalizing user experience.
 Ronny’s visit to India served to highlight Yahoo!’s thought leadership in research and science, and how it links to our business, in this case personalization and ad targeting.

The talk 
brought together over 130 researchers and practitioners around the emerging topics of recommender systems from leading tech companies like GE, Bosch, Siemens and Flipkart, along with several start-ups. “This kind of participation stimulates an exchange of ideas among the top minds in industry and academia and promotes a culture of open collaboration,” said Dr. Sridhar Mitta, an industry veteran and founder of NextWealth, who attended the talk. 

During his visit, Ronny also visited IIT-Bombay, a top tech college in India, where he guided several students on their research topics around recommendation technology.

His interactions through his India visit were characterized by deep technical discussions in research areas like Recommendation Technology, evolution of big data and the challenges of maintaining a balance between personalization and contextualization of the Internet. On his role as Chief Data Scientist, Yahoo Labs, Ronny Lempel explained, “It is about looking at the areas where Yahoo Labs interacts with our product groups to develop Yahoo products. A lot of it has to do with personalization and ad targeting, which has a big reliance on recommendation technology. Machine learning, natural language processing and search technologies are all aspects that are important as to me as Chief Data Scientist. Beyond that, I also interact with our systems teams to define what the next generation of big data computational systems might look like or what is missing in our current generation of systems.”

Ahead of his Big Thinkers session, Ronny interacted with the media and was featured in-depth in some 
of India’s leading mainstream and financial dailies. You can see a snapshot of the coverage below:

Personalization and ad targeting rely on recommendation – The Financial Express 
Big data is not a new thing: Ronny Lempel – Mint
Yahoo! bets big on personal recommendations – Deccan Chronicle

Yahoo! brings Agency Hack to India

Posted: 16th of January, 2013

After the Yahoo WPP and Publicis Hack days in New York, which drew top developers, marketers and designers from the digital advertising and consumer media industry, Yahoo recently brought Agency Hack to India. Held in Gurgaon, an influential tech and media hub, this was our first-ever hackathon in the region open exclusively to advertising agencies.

Some of the country’s biggest ad agencies like Ogilvy, Webchutney and Digitas were there. What made the format interesting was the participation not just from developers, but also designers, user-experience specialists, digital strategists, media planners and copy writers.

Participating teams could choose to either build a campaign-based solution or a product-based one using technologies from Yahoo and other players. Teams came up with smart digital hacks and other ideas to solve real-life problems in a frenzied 24 hours. Working prototypes ranged from mobile apps, to companion apps in a living room experience, to social apps for voting and blood donation. (See the complete list here.)

Since this was a creative bunch, the event had its share of whacky ideas. The winner, “Y! Loo.” was a hardware hack that leverages Yahoo Messenger and enables users to remotely check the availability of their office loos (or conference rooms) and physically knock on the door if engaged! Webchutney took home the Gold for this notification system which they described as an “interactive restroom service.” :)

Digitas walked away with the Silver for their Twitter-based hack “Twinority Report”, a Tweet investigator that anticipates criminal intentions ranging from drug abuse to suicide to serious national threats, by analyzing keyword patterns. (This could also be of use to marketers to gauge or assess a new market / trend).

Sapient Nitro took home the Bronze for their movie viewing companion experience platform “Lens”. This digital advertisement publishing platform enables digital production houses to create ads in the movie timeline in rich visualization formats. Ads created on Lens can be published to companion apps of the production houses on platforms like iOS, Windows and Android.

The judging panel comprised technology, media and marketing experts
The event was jointly organized by YDN, India Marketing, Communications and the Events team. Our YDN tech crew was also there to support the hackers. When participant Rohit Chaudhary’s fellow teammates could not make it to the event, the YDN crew guided this Strategy Planner from Reprise Media to build his hack – an app for blood donation which helps you find blood donors in your locality. 

Agency Hack was held as a precursor to the prestigious Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards 2012, which celebrates India’s most cutting-edge work in digital advertising. This year, the event drew a record 383 entries. “In the past, we have recognized innovation and excellence in digital advertising through the Big Idea Chair Awards. This year, with Agency Hack, we have gone a step further by encouraging innovation and giving agencies a playground to hack their ideas. Given the response, we would be looking to make this an annual event that builds on our commitment to digital,” says Nitin.

There was keen media interest, given the format of the event, with journalists stopping by to meet the teams. One of the first pieces of coverage appeared in the Hindustan Times, which is among the largest circulated English dailies in India. The paper’s tech commentator, N. Madhavan, hung out with the teams and shared the experience in his column. Read it online.
Yahoo! Year End Party

Purple Party People!

Posted: 21st of December, 2012

Yahoo!’s Year End Bash in Bangalore included a carnival, an exclusive concert and of course, a crowd that rocked!

“The best part of the evening was when my daughter got KK’s autograph, smiled, and told me, “Daddy, I love you for joining Yahoo!” :) That was a personal highlight for Y! Senior Product Manager Yogesh Rao, one of many Yahoos who partied at Yahoo India R&D’s year-end bash in Bangalore. Annual parties are a tradition at Yahoo!. But this year was extra special, because Yahoos were joined by their families and friends.

Right up, the kids found something they couldn’t get enough of – a carnival enclosure. This came replete with stilt-walkers and every possible game under the sun. Parents had a tough time separating their children from their favorite stalls. That is, till the kids discovered an on-the-spot dance workshop. :) They had plenty of sustenance though, to keep their energy levels up. The Taj West End team was on hand to whip up a wide spread through the party.

Former Zoom anchor and TV host Neha Sareen was the MC for the evening, which had a line up of superb performances. A dance act by Yogi’s Angels was backed by some very talented in-house performances, as Yahoo!’s employees took the stage. There was much cheering through the choreographed dance sequences, mad ads, and near-professional singing, as Yahoos rooted for their versatile teammates.

A big highlight of the evening was the concert by Bollywood singer KK, who flew down to perform exclusively at the party. He rocked the venue with a concert that had Yahoos screaming for more. (Think Yaaron, Bas Ek Pal, Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai live, with KK just a few feet away…!) 

In spite of the gloomy weather forecast, the rain stayed away. No grey skies, but there was plenty of purple, Yahoo!’s signature color, to add a splash of color to this party.

Big fight for Yahoo!’s Big Idea Chair

Posted: 17th of December, 2012

Awards which honor digital excellence drew a record number of entries in India, with Ogilvy taking home the coveted chair.

The fight for the Yahoo Big Idea Chair just grew BIGGER in India. This year, there were an unprecedented 376 entries from 72 agencies for 128 brands. This is more than double the number of entries we received in 2010, when the Awards first came to India.

The Yahoo Big Idea Chair has become the industry benchmark for digital excellence in the country. It honors outstanding work from the online creative and media community, celebrating innovation, and excellence. The overwhelming interest from marketers this year was evidence that winning a Big Idea Chair trophy is both an honor for a brand, and a reiteration of their commitment to Digital.

A panel of 16 jury members, comprising industry experts from marketing, brand and advertising, selected three outstanding campaigns in each of these categories: Best Use of Display Advertising, Best Online Video Advertising, Best Use of Social Media, Best Use of Technology, Best Use of Mobile Advertising, Best Use of Search and Digital 360. This was apart from the flagship, sought-after Big Idea Chair Award.

The event finale in Mumbai on November 9 saw a great turn out of over 325 guests, from Agency heads, to industry leaders and the brightest talent in advertising, who are collectively raising the bar on Digital.

19 winners took home a Big Idea Chair Trophy on the day. But only one agency could win the Purple Chair, and that honor went to Ogilvy for the Cadburys Date Fillum Campaign. Incidentally, this is the agency’s second consecutive win at the Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards. Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy India, said, “Winning the Yahoo Big Idea Chair is indeed special, as it awards excellence in an emerging and important medium. Ogilvy has dominated TV and print advertising, so it is great to see we have tremendous talent in digital as well. Our win today is a sure eye-opener for folks who had thought of Ogilvy as only a TV-ad agency.”

Click to see the complete list of winners and the ‘big’ digital ideas that worked for them.

Share Shift on Digital: From Presence to Excellence was the hotly discussed topic at a panel discussion at the finale. The panelists tackled some tough questions that hound stakeholders today. Investment, resources, skills? Are we doing enough to endorse digital, and leverage the real possibilities it offers? Why is it that digital though the cheaper of the lot, is always up against a higher expectation of RoI? Does digital ever get a strong buy-in from senior management? Interestingly, the discussion revealed that several major brands today in this part of the world, do aim for deeper integration of digital in their overall marketing plans. Moderated by Suresh Venkat, Technology Editor, CNBC TV18, the panelists included CR Mallikarjundas, CEO, Starcom Mediavest; Valerie Rozycki Wagoner, Founder and CEO Zipdial; C Abhiroop, Head of Media Services, Unilever South Asia; and from Yahoo!, Nitin Mathur, Senior Director Marketing for India and South East Asia..

With so many creative minds in the room, there was an incredible energy at the Yahoo Big Idea Chair finale, both on stage and off it. The Yahoo Homepage photo booth, where folks could pose with props, was much visited. There was also the Big Idea Wall of Fame, and the Digital Gallery, where the audience could check out the best digital work.

The continued success of this event has come from the team effort by the India Marketing and Comms team and the Sales and Strategy team.

See event photos on Flickr


Hackswept! Inside Open Hack India 2012

Posted: 13th of September, 2012

Our fifth Open Hack in India held in Bangalore on August 11-12, was Yahoo!’s biggest Open Hack ever. Check out the cool hackers, and the amazing energy which sets this event apart!

With huge participation from across the country, Open Hack India 2012 saw over 700 hackers getting together to build on their ideas across three main categories: Multi-device Experiences, Digital Media and Advertising, and Digital Communications. In the spirit of Open Hack, there was also a catch-all category called Surprise Us.

24 hours, 7,600 cups of tea and coffee later, it came down to five hacks, which wowed the judging panel. A simple and intuitive tool edged out 157 others hacks to win the grand prize. Amod Kumar Pandey and Nikhil Baliga, who have been part of past Open Hacks, struck gold this time with Brock. This tool allows even non-developers to build very useful mini-apps for their Android devices, with just a few clicks. Brock is built on top of on{x} and completely insulates the end-user from the code, by generating it. You can try out Brock here.

Other winning hacks included:

Pictrendz: Lets users understand ongoing trends with a single look at image clusters, instead of word clouds.
Beam OS: Helps users to manage, organize and browse all their files spread across multiple cloud services, from a single user-friendly desktop-like environment.
BookMafia: A mobile app that enables easy circulation of books among geographically close users.
Vibration Reduction for Improved Readability: A group of ex-Yahoos built this browser-based hack to counter physical vibrations on mobile devices, to improve ease of reading while in a vehicle.

Read the detailed post on the winning hacks, along with other updates from the event, on the YDN blog. See these and other submitted hacks on the Hack Tracker.

This year’s Hackers’ Choice Award went to 'I’m bored'. Designed for when you’re on the go, the app picks up your location and maps events and activities around you. It restricts the radius, and also gives you the time the activity is going to begin. It was built by the team “Null Pointers” in answer to the question, “What do you do if you’re 27, single and have so much free time that you flop down and say, “I’m bored!?”

The place was crackling with energy and music, as music station Radio Indigo (91.9 fm) broadcast live from the venue through the 24-hour hackathon. Several folks went on air to play their song and talk about the event. Many developers present, like Madhurima Malla, have attended back-to-back Open Hacks. “It’s great to see the range of ideas. The demos are amazing, and I look forward to finding out what my fellow hackers have ‘imagined’ and built each year. That always brings me back.”

See photos.

Yahoo! Axis

Introducing Yahoo! Axis: A Faster, Better Way to Find and Explore

Posted: 7th of June, 2013
by Regan Clark

We’re excited to launch a whole new way to search and browse the Web across any device—Yahoo! Axis. It’s an innovative new mobile browser and desktop plug-in that gives people visual search results (as they type), ultimately providing a more direct path to whatever they’re looking for online. Think of it as a personal companion for your daily explorations of the Web.

You can download Axis as a standalone mobile browser for your Apple iOS devices here, and for major, HTML5 enabled desktop browsers, you can download the desktop plug-in here. Check out our video that walks you through how Axis saves you time whether on the desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Yahoo! Axis comes equipped with handy features that unify searching and browsing.  For example, our one-step search lets you preview and interact with visual search results without ever leaving the page you’re on. It’s the end of the back button! And our instant answers show the information you want as you type common searches like finding movie times, sports scores, stock prices and more.

Axis also includes a personalized home page that contains your most recently visited sites, bookmarks and articles you plan to read later. This personalized home page stays with you across your desktop, iPad and iPhone, keeping what’s important to you in one easy, centralized spot. No matter what device you started on, you can easily pick up where you left off when you switch devices.

Axis even has a few bonus features for iPhone and iPad users, like simple swiping to quickly get from one search result to the next, a bar that combines the search box and address bars into one, and sharing so you can easily post any page you’re viewing to Twitter or Pinterest.

We can’t wait for you to play around with this latest example of Yahoo!’s search innovation and tell us what you think.  To learn more, please visit, our Search blog or Mobile blog.

EDITOR'S NOTE: this article originally appeared on Yodel Anecdotal.

Yahoo! ranked No. 2 at Bloomberg UTV Dream Employer of the Year Award

Posted: 28th of February, 2012
Yahoo! is where you can impact millions of users on the Internet, and have a blast while you’re at it. These credentials have now given us another reason to yodel.

Yahoo! was ranked no.2 at the recent the Bloomberg UTV Dream Employer of the Year Award in India, coming in just behind Hindustan Unilever. Rounding off the top 5 are YES Bank, India's fastest-growing private bank, Ernst & Young and Standard Chartered Bank. Companies belonging to Indian heavyweights like Reliance and Mahindra & Mahindra, have also featured in the top 15.

Competition was tough for this award, powered by Bloomberg UTV, the business channel, with companies across sectors and industries in India participating. But what clinched it for us was the unique Yahoo story, which combines planet-scale opportunities with the coolest Internet technologies, a WOW work culture, flexibility, and of course, the world-class Yahoo team in India.

The awards were announced “live” at an event in Mumbai, India, on February 17.

Aparna Ballakur, VP – HR, Yahoo in India represented Yahoo and showcased our compelling proposition as an employer at the event. “Very few companies in India offer both the opportunity and ability for their teams to make a global impact, on the scale that we do. This unparalleled exposure makes Yahoo in India a dream company for anyone who’s passionate about inventing the Internet of the future,” says Aparna.

Some tough jury questions followed, ranging from what Yahoo is doing to be a more generationally-diverse employer, to how we measure productivity in an environment that encourages freedom and flexibility. At the end, what floored the jury and proved to be the key differentiator, was our killer combination of Work-Opportunity-Workplace. We don’t call it WOW for nothing!
shine royal wedding photo

When the Royals Wed, Yahoo! Broke Records!

Posted: 12th of October, 2011
With robust coverage including original articles and blogs, photo galleries, videos, and a digital guestbook enabling well-wishers worldwide to offer their advice to the couple, Yahoo became the place the world turned to for programming surrounding the Royal Wedding.

Audience figures show that Yahoo!’s overall traffic surpassed expectations and broke records, driving more traffic and video streams to its coverage of the wedding than any previous event. Preliminary internal data shows that Yahoo sites serving Royal Wedding content drove 400 million page views on Friday. Additionally Yahoo delivered Royal Wedding content at a record-breaking 50,000 requests per second on Friday, seven times the average daily peak of approximately 7,500, and video traffic was 21 percent higher than the previous record. Interest in the Royal Wedding was so high that Yahoo broke bandwidth records before Kate Middleton even stepped out of the car at Westminster Abbey.

According to Yahoo!’s internal data, Yahoo!’s Royal Wedding site (, hosted on Yahoo Shine, the leading site for women’s lifestyle content , generated 65 million unique pageviews on April 29 and April 30, with 6.6 million unique visitors the day of the wedding and 8.6 millions unique visitors the day after. Engagement with the site was high, with users spending a total of 112 million minutes over those two days combined.

Yahoo!’s homepage recorded 32 million clicks to Royal Wedding coverage on April 29, a new one-day record for a single news event, and 52 million clicks from April 29 through May 1, a three-day record for a single news event.

Yahoo! Shine as a whole set traffic records on Thursday, April 28, then broke them again on Friday and Saturday, generating 80 million combined pageviews over the two days, with 8.7 million unique visitors on Friday and 9.4 million unique visitors on Saturday. Users spent a total of 141.7 million minutes on Shine over the two days.

Yahoo!’s total Royal Wedding video audience figures eclipsed the previous record – Michael Jackson’s funeral – by 21 percent especially impressive given that this event happened during non-peak hours.

Most clicked stories:

Yahoo!’s original content on the Royal Wedding performed incredibly well, providing users instant access to everything they wanted to know with Yahoo!’s unique voice and interesting analysis. A team of industry-leading writers and editors wrote and featured fascinating stories that really clicked with users on Yahoo!’s homepage. Pippa Middleton, Kate’s younger sister and maid of honor, quickly became the breakout star of the wedding, and led coverage with the top two most-clicked stories. Yahoo!’s top five Royal Wedding stories included:

    All eyes turn to Kate’s sister (6.7 million clicks)
    Kate’s sister wears surprising white dress (6.1 million clicks)
    Who is the frowning girl in the royal kiss photo? (5.3 million clicks)
    Kate debuts stunning evening dress (5.1 million clicks)
    Kate Middleton’s dress wows spectators (4.6 million clicks)

The Royal Wedding Yahoo Guestbook:
The Royal Wedding Yahoo Guestbook provided users the opportunity to offer their marital advice and best wishes to Prince William and Kate Middleton, then share those wishes with users’ social networks. The guestbook received more than 300,000 comments from users in 194 countries. The most common advice, across all the regions, centered on three themes: be good to each other, communicate openly and never go to bed angry.

Yahoo! searches during the Royal Wedding:

Audiences have been visiting Yahoo for daily updates since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement was announced, seeking the most interesting stories or answers to a wide range of questions about all aspects of the Royal Wedding.

On the day of the wedding, amidst all the pomp and circumstance, people turned to Yahoo for answers to their many questions — including figuring out what “pomp and circumstance” was. Some of the questions people asked on Yahoo included:

    What does Pippa mean?
    What does Prince William do?
    What is a fascinator?
    What religion is Prince William?
    Did Kate Middleton meet Princess Diana?
    What is a duchess? What is a royal duke?
    Was Diana a commoner?
    Who was invited to the wedding? Who wasn’t invited to the wedding?

The day-of searches on Yahoo centered mostly around Kate: her shoes, dress, tiara, and the lace on her dress. Interest in Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton also surged on the wedding day. All week leading up to the ceremony, Prince Harry searches on Yahoo surpassed those of groom Prince William. Aside from the royal wedding party, Yahoo saw Americans’ interest focus on Sarah Burton, designer of the now-famous wedding gown, the hats worn to the wedding (searches for “royal wedding hats” spiked 4291percent on the day of the wedding), and the ladies sporting the fanciest hats: Princess Beatrice spiked 2333 percent on the day of the wedding and Princess Eugenie spiked 1474 percent.  Hat designer Phillip Treacy spiked as well.

In the days following the wedding, the attention turned from Kate and according to searches on Yahoo!, Pippa Middleton became the star of the show.  Searches on Yahoo for Pippa were 11 percent higher than for Kate (looking at searches for April 29 and 30th). Searches for “Pippa Middleton” were also significantly higher than “Prince William” and “Prince Harry.” Specifically, people wanted to know about her age, weight and height, and see her dress. Another lady casting a shadow on Princess Kate was Princess Grace — searches for “Princess Grace Wedding Dress” spiked 5680 percent the day of the wedding on Yahoo!, as commentators drew comparisons to Kate’s dress.

As expected, users wanted to see photos. On Yahoo!, searches for “royal wedding pictures” and “royal wedding photos” spiked more than 5263 percent.

Flickr from Yahoo!:

Through The British Monarchy’s official photostream on Flickr from Yahoo!, one of the world’s best places to post and share photos, the royal family has given people across the globe an inside look into the Royal Wedding over the past few months, from wedding invitations, wedding cake designs and the official wedding pictures taken by the happy couple’s photographer. In total, there have been more than 45 million views of the British Monarchy photostream and pictures on Flickr.  The top five photos viewed on The British Monarchy’s official photostream include:

    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Bride and Groom with attendants) – 1.08 million views
    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Royal Wedding Group) – 1.07 million views
    The official Royal Wedding photographs (The Bride and Groom) – 810,000 views
    The Royal Wedding Cake – 447,000 views
    The Service (Prince William and Catherine Middleton leaving Westminster Abbey following the ceremony) – 440,000 views

Broadcasting Live on Yahoo! only - "A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J.Clinton Foundation"

Posted: 7th of June, 2013
Posted on CNBC - 
"A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation" will feature special performances by Lady Gaga, Usher, and a rare acoustic performance by U2's The Edge and Bono, as well as additional artists to be announced. The concert will be held at the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA and will be broadcast live only on Yahoo (

"I am proud that some of today's most influential performers are coming together to raise awareness about the work of my Foundation," said President Bill Clinton. "In the past decade, commitments to my Clinton Global Initiative have improved the lives of more than 300 million people around the world. We've lowered the cost of AIDS and HIV treatment, combated climate change, strengthened economies, increased access to education and healthcare, provided financing and mentoring for small businesses. This celebration marks ten years of these efforts and demonstrates how much we can do to make a difference in the years ahead." Millions of people around the world will be able to watch the concert live only on Yahoo!, the premier digital media company and the exclusive live online broadcast partner for the concert. The live concert will be available at The concert will be featured globally and will be also available on-demand on Yahoo!, which will feature highlights and interviews with the artists, and other guests during and after the live event on October 15. At Yahoo!, viewers will be able to donate to the William J. Clinton Foundation....

For the entire article please visit this link.

Also check out more details on Yahoo! Music Blog - Stop the Presses! Photo courtesy of the Stop the Presses blog.
Sushant Sinha named one of Indias top in

Sushant Sinha named one of Indias top innovators

Posted: 7th of June, 2013

Indian Kanoon search engine helps people understand their rights.

Sushant Sinha, part of the Cloud Platform Group in Bangalore, was recently named one of India’s top innovators. He was featured in Technology Review's prestigious TR35 2011 – a list of outstanding innovators in India under the age of 35.

Sushant earned his place in this exclusive list for developing Indian Kanoon, a free search engine of Indian law (Kanoon means ‘law’ in Hindi, the official language of India). The portal provides the most relevant Indian laws and court judgments in response to a query.Since its launch in January 2008, Indian Kanoonhas been embraced by the Indian public, and is empowering citizens to seek justice.

Traffic is growing exponentially - 10 times in the past year and a half. Indian Kanoon currently receives half a million unique users a month, with roughly 2.5 million page views.

And here’s why. Prior to Indian Kanoon, there was no website which provided information about Indian law, at least nothing that was easy to use. Asignificant portion of the population remained completely ignorant of their rights and privileges.

“Most existing law websites charged a hefty fee and were designed by lawyers for lawyers,” explains Sushant.”The technology was stone aged, compared to the advances in the information retrieval brought about by current search engines.”

He filled these gaps when he developed Indian Kanoon. “I started the project as a way to enrich court judgments by linking them with laws and other references. The linking turned out to be so useful that I went on to build Indian Kanoon,” he adds.

Besides the standard information retrieval techniques for relevance, Indian Kanoon brings in a couple of other innovations to make law search effective. First, it breaks down law documents into the smallest possible clause. It then determines the important law sections at the granularity of the smallest possible law section. Secondly, it tightly integrates law/statutes with court judgments, which allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments.

It isn’t just the man on the street who’s benefiting from Indian Kanoon. Lawyers and law students form a big chunk of the user base.

Sushant, who has a PhD in Internet Security (“nothing related to search,”) is currently working on the document enrichment framework Sombrero at Yahoo!. He balances his day job with Indian Kanoon by working on it in the night and on weekends.

On what it takes to be an innovator, Sushant believes, “It takes identifying important problems and working hard to solve them. Sometimes the identified problems are just minor issues when others view it and so what really matters is whether you are convinced about the importance of the problem.”