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Jithin Emmanuel, Senior Software Develop

Jithin, Engineer

As a software developer for Yahoo India Education, I find myself working on interesting features which impact millions of users across India. 

The Yahoo India Education portal is a popular portal where students and parents flock to find out more about potential careers, campus reviews and many mainstream and alternative options. Knowing how India values education over many other things, I feel that sense of pride in being associated with a product which has tremendous value to so many users.

Through my everyday work, I am in some way able to help young students reach a valuable decision about their careers.
I have been with Yahoo for over three years now – and my journey has been full of code, late night coffees, interesting hack days and the awesome pizzas, and some memorable outings to exotic places. Wow! An interesting ride, when I look back on it. And oh yes, the daily foosball matches right after lunch.

The work culture at Yahoo is very unique – I value the openness and flexibility around here. No one is bothered with when you work or where you work from, as long as the milestones are met.

What adds to this is that we don’t work in silos – Yahoos within and from across teams collaborate to come up with new features, products and platforms. So working with different people, diverse cultures and at times different time-zones makes me aware that whatever I work on has a true global impact. And I love the feeling. The scale is really unparalleled.
I believe in building a good rapport within the team, as this helps us collaborate well, and work very peacefully with all our positive energy channeled into doing some good stuff. When not at work, I spend my time reading up and am passionate about manga and anime.