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Amit Pundir, Systems Administrator

Amit , Systems Administration

I don't want to be different by doing different things, I want to be different by doing things differently

Favourite Moment(s):
It’s very hard to choose just one moment, every day at Yahoo is so refreshing and new in itself the year-end parties, hack days and lot of TGIF celebrations

What have you done to be a better Yahoo?
I enjoy the work culture at Yahoo!. Each task offers something new to learn and understand and gives you a chance to dabble with the latest technologies.

What specific Yahoo project has made the biggest impact on you and why?
It's been great working with the Abuse Prevention Team, fighting abusers and preventing Yahoo properties from going down. Blocking abusers at the time when they attack is really challenging, especially when they attack with multiple methods.

What made you choose Yahoo as a place to work?
I heard of Yahoo before I heard of the Internet. And the day I got to know about the culture at Yahoo!, I decided to be a part of the organization. Great learning – along with the parties, celebrations and fun- makes Yahoo perfect for me.