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Balaji, Engineer

Balaji, Engineer

It is always important to know what people expect from you. Then of course, you surprise them by doing more.

Favourite Moment(s):
It’s very difficult to single out one instance as a favorite moment. The journey itself has been enjoyable. Some of the moments I cherish are the hallway conversations on random topics, sometimes ending up in a heated debate.

What have you done to be a better Yahoo?

One constant piece of feedback I hear from people is that there’s loads of information available, but they don’t know where to look for it or whom to ask. So when I hear someone say this, I ensure that they connect with someone who already has this information. Also, I’ve been volunteering to do a session in the new hire orientation program. This helps me connect with new Yahoos and improve my (already stupendous) network.

Are you able to think big at Yahoo? How?
Indeed, yes. The journey from a lead to a manager and now to an architect has proven to me so far that there’s no dearth of opportunities here. No idea is bad or insignificant. And this belief has made me what I am today at Yahoo!.

What specific Yahoo project has made the biggest impact on you and why?
Being a part of the Yahoo Membership team. The team manages the authentication systems across Yahoo and nobody would be able to login to Yahoo if I messed up! It was also great to know all the different activities that happen behind the scenes. The adrenaline rush that this project catalyzed was enormous. Needless to say, the learning curve was also steep.

What made you choose Yahoo as a place to work?

I knew a few people who used to work for Yahoo and every interaction with them would make me long to be a part of the environment they described—a place where people are not caged in and have complete freedom to explore their creativity and ideas. Started prodding a friend of mine and after about 3 months I made it to Yahoo!... finally!