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Bhupendra, Engineer

Bhupendra, Engineer

"Be innovative in making mistakes." This says many things: We, as humans, can never really stop making mistakes. But we have to ensure that we learn and grow in the process. We should be capable enough not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Favourite Moment(s):
I have many. Winning a "You Rock" award was among them. I was lucky that I joined Yahoo at a time when it was expanding. That allowed me to be part of many successes, giving me the opportunity to lead, and sometimes even form new teams from scratch.

What have you done to be a better Yahoo?
Professionally, I have grown since coming to Yahoo as I've been able to jump on projects and make a difference. Also, Yahoo as a company believes in providing holistic growth to its employees. This ranges from organizing continuous professional development training and programs to motivating employees to present papers, etc. at internal and external conferences. So the opportunities are many, it's just a question of utilization, and that can only come from within. I feel that there is no such thing as .perfect..and continuously invest in my growth.

Are you able to think big at Yahoo? How?
The best part about working at Yahoo is the amazing quality of people you work with day in and day out. The company motivates and guides me to perform, not only to my fullest potential, but beyond my potential. Luckily, many of my managers have been very supportive and have helped me make decisions without any fear. I was once able to talk to a Product Manager who wanted some help with his product and we were able to form a brand new team of developers! It was not really my job/role; it was just the belief that this might lead to bigger things that guided me toward the opportunity.

What specific Yahoo project has made the biggest impact on you and why?
My current project: Yahoo Finance. It is one of the best-known Yahoo sites in the US. The level of complexity is incredible. So is the software that drives the site. We are working on re-designing some of the core infrastructure pieces, which is a great learning experience for me. Every day I learn something new - that?..s the kind of learning I am getting out of this project.

What made you choose Yahoo as a place to work?
I came to Yahoo from a relatively small company - the reasons were simple: to gain exposure and experience, and be a part of the brand. The scale at which Yahoo operates is much more complex than what I had been exposed to. Even after 4+ years at Yahoo!, the complexity and enormity of issues we deal with everyday continue to amaze me. Just the feeling that we are responsible for providing a great online experience to millions and millions of users day in and day out is a wonderful feeling.