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Chandrabhanu, Sales

Chandrabhanu, Sales

What inspires you?
The idea of scaling up and the drive needed inspires me!

What Yahoo project challenged and/or rewarded you the most?
It’s still work in progress at Yahoo where we are building categories of businesses on technology and innovation platforms. Industries and sectors in the Indian Advertising scenario are still very young in the space. The challenge is the growth and scale that one has to bring!

How are you making an impact as a Yahoo?
Through adequate noise at the market level and through penetrating deeper into multiple facets of Yahoo!’s capability, am able to relate the product to the market and tweak as per the requirements.

Why is Yahoo the place for you?
It’s an open arena here! You strive, you win!

What's your favorite uniquely Yahoo moment?
Am waiting for it! The day Yahoo India crosses the 200 million USD mark, will be my most memorable moment at Yahoo!.