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Deepak, Talent Acquisition Systems

Deepak, Talent Acquisition Systems

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Favourite Moment(s):
There are many to cherish, since the time I joined Yahoo!. My favorite was the launch of the new Applicant Tracking System in India. We got it configured and well tuned to meet our requirements.

What have you done to be a better Yahoo?
Being a part of the Talent Acquisition team ..the group that brings in the most valuable and talented candidates to Yahoo!. Iit is a huge challenge to identify, process, convince and win candidates?.. confidence. In turn, these people deliver our customers the most valued experience each and every time they visit Yahoo properties. An equally challenging task for me is to automate and align the hiring process and support the TA team, hiring partners across various regions, employees and candidates to move through the hiring stages with minimal friction. I implement and support global solutions to ease the process flow and data analytics across regions.

Are you able to think big at Yahoo? How?
I work with various business verticals across locations. I deliver business solutions to internal and external customers. I define workflows that enrich the experience of hiring teams, employees and candidates. I build strategies to derive common workflows and data analytics for vertical and matrix aligned business groups. I solve a wide range of challenges to keep the application up and running, as well as the process smooth and friction free. Customers?.. delight for receiving on-time support is really big! I am also proud to be part of the company that finds new ways to reach out to millions of people across the world.

What specific Yahoo project has made the biggest impact on you and why?
Implementing and supporting the Applicant Tracking System for India has had a huge impact on me. I have worked across locations to understand region-specific designs and configuration. There have been huge challenges to build strategies and design common workflow, yet address all business and MIS needs. This has also exposed me to meet and work with some of the best Yahoos. As we design and deliver the solutions across verticals, passion, fun, innovation and teamwork are alive at Yahoo!.

What made you choose Yahoo as a place to work?
Destiny brought me here. I came in to extend the consulting services part of my project. I had heard a lot about Yahoo from couple of friends, but I experienced special things on my own that made me feel this is the right place to build my future. The ones that stand out are being a part of the Yahoo brand, the opportunity to work with extremely talented and innovative peers, and the huge exposure to global processes and business groups. Innovation, uniqueness, encouragement and simplicity flow everywhere to make it an ideal place for those who are destined to build the best products for Yahoo!.