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Sumit, Product Manager

Sumit, Account Management

What inspires you?
I am a self-motivated person and believe in walking the journey rather than aiming to reach for the destination. My family (my parents and my wife), managers and colleagues at Yahoo have always been the guiding light for me.

What Yahoo project challenged and/or rewarded you the most?
I joined Yahoo Search Marketing team when it was running through a very tough patch with a shaky and unstable product platform, poor acceptance from the advertiser market and strong competition! But today., it is a completely different story - the team is one of the most successful business entities in Y! India. I already feel rewarded!

How are you making an impact as a Yahoo?
As a Yahoo sales executive, I have always tried to build the trust and transparency with all my advertisers for Yahoo’s systems & capabilities to deliver the best returns for their advertising dollars. And it is no wonder why many of our advertisers have been with us for long time now and continuously increasing their investments in Yahoo!. Our advertisers do not look upon as mere vendors or publishers, but as partners that they can trust during all good and bad times.

Why is Yahoo the place for you?
Being a part of the Yahoo brand is in itself a great feeling.

What's your favorite uniquely Yahoo moment?
Like many others, working with Yahoo was one of my dream jobs. I remember having applied countless number of times for months altogether for open positions. One fine day I got the interview call and rest is history. I yodeled for the first time when I got my offer letter!