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Bishwajit Aich

Bishwajit, Tech Yahoo, RightMedia

Posted: 12th of October, 2011
Do you love it when:

* The World Cup is at fever-pitch and there is small rectangle on a web page that shows live scores with a link to full match coverage

* The much awaited movie releasing this weekend and clicking on a small rectangle opens the window to a whole experience of exclusive trailers, video, links to book the movie tickets directly and also share the same with your friends and family 

* While searching for some great local restaurants for a much looked-forward-to candle-light dinner you find some great deals on your Yahoo homepage

Yes I love that too and I work everyday to make that rectangular box experience happen – and make it better, more personal. We call it creative and you call it ads.

We strive hard to make these experiences less distractive and more enjoyable. Approx 5 billion transactions take place on an average day – so there is a lot to scale. Such massive numbers and the kind of revenue impact our product has, gives me immense satisfaction after a hard day’s work.

Yahoo!s comfortable work environment adds an extra zing to my day. Some coffee breaks, a table- tennis match, maybe a round or two of Pool and the overall flexibility about doing things my way, makes it much easier to work on brain-crunching problems.

It’s been awesome 3 years. Every day here is special. Some great product launches, being part of YEFI, enjoying some of the TGIFs, Open Hack days, team outings, I am “The big fat Panda” moments; it’s so much fun. One of my most memorable moments was my first day as a YEFI teacher. I also remember the day, when we all go together and collected a significant fund to help a teacher from Parikrama (one of the local schools we partner with as a part of YEFI) undergo an emergency surgery. I felt so proud of Yahoo that day.