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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: 22nd of August, 2011

I'm in academia. What's available for me?

Yahoo! has lots of exciting opportunities for both faculty and students. We invite you to explore collaborations, visits, employment, symposia, sponsorships, and other ways in which we can work together. Visit Yahoo Academic Relations for speaking engagements and more

Can I still apply for the Yahoo PhD Fellowship Program?

The Yahoo PhD Fellowship Program has ended; however, we've created a new program that better addresses the needs of participants and provides maximum worth to big thinkers like you. Our new Yahoo Key Scientific Challenges program is your chance to get an inside look at and help solve for-the big challenges Yahoo research and industry scientists are facing. You'll help fuel new industry thinking while gaining access to world-class scientists, some of the richest and largest data repositories in the world, and the potential to make a huge impact on the future of the Web. Learn more at

Does Yahoo! offer part-time internships?

No. We do not hire part time interns in India

Are internships only offered in the summer? Or does Yahoo hire all year round?

Yes. Our primary internship program takes place during the summer break, but we do hire interns throughout the year

Does Yahoo hire students who are on visas?

Yes, Yahoo does hire select students on visas, based on business needs. These positions are not published on the career site. The Human Resources team would reach out to the accredited universities as per business needs

What makes someone eligible for an internship?

Interns are students who are currently enrolled in an accredited academic program. If you have graduated from college and are no longer pursuing a degree, you are not eligible for an internship; however, you should check out our full time opportunities by clicking on the Find Your Big Job button on the home page

I'm looking to secure an internship. How do I search and apply?

You can do a keyword search for "interns" or "internships" through the Quick Job Search section at the top of every page on the website. Check out our Interns page in the Students section as well, to give you a flavor for what it’s like to be a Yahoo intern.

I'm graduating soon. How do I search and apply?

To learn about the many roles for new college graduates, take a look at some examples on our Interns and Recent Grads pages in the Students section. Be sure to check out available opportunities through Find Your Big Job and submit your resume.