• Sheilesha, Human Resources Intern

    From start to finish, my internship with Yahoo has been utterly indescribable. A year ago, I could have never imagined that I’d be interning at Yahoo, the premier digital media company. I’ve had other internships in the past, but none as memorable as Yahoo. It’s rare that you have the opportunity to do meaningful work in a welcoming environment with people you truly care about and who care about you. That was my exact experience at Yahoo. As a graduate intern in human resources, I was given an array of exciting projects. Although I was new to Yahoo, it didn’t stop them from giving me important projects that full-time, permanent employees would have loved to take on. During my internship, I worked on three main projects: the employer of choice story architecture, leveraging social media, and assisting with the simultaneous launch of the careers website in over 25 countries.  The employer of choice story architecture is all about Yahoos - why they come to Yahoo, what they love about working at Yahoo, and the developmental opportunities they are afforded. I also had the opportunity to leverage social media in telling Yahoo’s story to the global talent community. One of the largest feats we accomplished was launching the careers website in over 25 countries. From design to content management, I acquired skills I never thought possible. From day one, I felt like I was a part of the team.  I’ve met so many different people and learned about so many different aspects of Yahoo and it only deepened my understanding of why I love Yahoo so much. It is a place where you can be yourself and make deep connections with Yahoos and the larger community. People are intelligent, innovative, and diverse. Yahoo has created an environment and culture that goes unmatched.
    Within the first two weeks of interning at Yahoo, I was able to give back to the community of East Palo Alto by helping raise over $10,000 for the East Palo Alto YMCA. That was extremely rewarding and it made me realize that Yahoo has a deep commitment to its employees and the diverse communities it serves. I’ve made some lifelong friendships and gained invaluable knowledge from managers and senior managers. It’s amazing how accessible and humble our executives are. I say “our” because I am a Yahoo and in my heart, I believe that I will always be a Yahoo. Everyone has made such a lasting impression on me. I can’t thank Yahoo enough for giving me the opportunity to show them what I’ve got and for showing me all the ways in which they are committed to my success as an intern and one day, as a full-time employee. :)